The More Hurts You Heal, The Greater the Happiness You Have

Yes, the real you cannot be hurt. The fake self of ego identification – your mistaken identity - is the home of suffering and what is causing your pain. Your decision to be separate rather than whole.

Whilst you believe you are the individual self, suffering will stay with you. It is part of the script when you decided for specialness over sameness.
But if you use those ego pains to heal, each time you forgive that which came to destroy, you take one step closer to the happiness you seek. So it would follow, the more hurts you are willing to truly forgive, the greater the happiness you will have to experience.

And it is here that you will turn the ego game on its head!

But you cannot offer ego Forgiveness, for it is Truforgiveness that you seek, where you forgive some aspect of the belief in separation, which is the true cause of every problem that you make.

What once came as something to blame (i.e. you did this to me!) now becomes a blessing. What you once cursed another for,...

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The Pleading Prayer

“I ran away. Far, far away from you Father,” cried the Son. A deep stone had been unturned. “I ran away because I sinned against the One that had loved me the most. No one adored me the way you did,” he pleaded. “Your wholeness completed me and I felt like I had sinned against Heaven itself.”

Tears streamed down his face. The pain buried long ago had been stirred, an ancient hurt almost lost forever, now being remembered. Not only did he run away from God, but he also tried to throw away the memory of Him as well. For the pain was too much to bear.

“With each step further away I went, the faster I began to run. For fear of what I had done. And so, I got lost, with new each dawn, the darkness grew even darker if that is possible?” He ran into the forest of fear, each jump he took, the pain within ached harder. Nothing he did could ease the discomfort, why would it, when he had thrown away his One true love? He searched frantically for...

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There Is No Order Of Difficulty In Miracles

When you switch lanes from judgment and into the mind-correction of Truforgiveness, you undo ego fear that keeps the belief in separation being a reality to you. By correcting the cause hidden deep in the subconscious mind, this then changes the projection in the world of form.

Talk about miraculous manifestation!

And I was reminded of this truth.

When my MacBook that was only two + years old decided to conk out, I was scrambling around for a solution. Google didn’t provide the answers, nor did the online Apple help desk, as such, I went in to the store.  A completely adorable genius, by the name of Mo, set to work. I explained, “Everything I have done over the past ten years is stored on this laptop. I need to be able to get in.” I couldn’t get past the Apple logo. An unseen manuscript, my daily journal from acute Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, ideas, blog posts, poetry, website information, photos, personal information.  You get the gist!  I...

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Welcome to The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH, and the ‘I Forgive’ Principle.  I am so happy you are here on this journey and I am looking forward to getting to know you!  

Truforgiveness is the maker of miracles. It undoes pain in the present, restoring love to your awareness.  It allows you to let go of the guilt of separation, providing freedom from ego fear, as your mind is restored to love.  It doesn’t say, “I will forgive but not forget,” for when you have 'forgiven within', you come to know the truth: this world is a dream, not your reality. As such, why would you withhold forgiving, when it is simply a mistake to be corrected, not a sin to be punished?

What seemingly came to hurt you has now helped to heal you. What once was seen as a burden is now a blessing and this is why we become thankful to our brothers! For without a brother showing us where it is was we had buried our pain, we would have no way to find...

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