Where Darkness Hides


"When you have become willing to hide nothing, you will not only be willing to enter into communion but will also understand peace and joy." ACIM T-1.IV.1.5

It was in the early noughties, around 2002 when I had an unseen visitor come to me, as I was mentally moving through the subconscious mind. "You are smart to learn ACIM by forgiving within," he stated something along these lines. It would be the first time that I heard of the phrase, to 'forgive within' not yet aware that one day I would be teaching this new way to forgive to the masses, that God has granted - which is called Truforgiveness. 

As the years rolled around, I came to see that I indeed was learning the true teachings of ACIM via revelation and not ego interpretation. Everything my ego-mind could not grasp, the right mind clearly spoke in the name of Oneness what Jesus had meant. All by undoing the ego fear to return thinking to the right mind that offers the happy dream in time. 

I often hear...

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Having & Being and Why They Are Never Separate


In life, we do not associate having and being as the same. Yet, in truth they are, for they run along the same extension or projection that paints the story in time light and loving or dark and depressing. 

You see, there is only thought.

The world of form is a projection of what you think within. However, this is the catch, it does not come from the you that you think you are (the ego). It is the split-mind that dreams that separation from Source is possible and it is this misperception of sin, guilt, and fear that projects outwards and offers a world of suffering. So, how do you make having and being light and loving, instead of dark and depressing?

You learn how to withdraw the shadows that project from the split-mind which then allows you to receive the goodness of grace that extends outwards. In essence, you need to remove the veil of guilt that seeks the ways of punishment to have the goodness that the innocent Mind offers.

You must go backward to go forward....

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Salvation Saturday - 15th August 2020



Welcome to Salvation Saturday - 15th August 2020 - where we will join together to place our Truforgiveness upon the altar to God that is within, symbolizing that we will have no other idols of separation before Him. 

The true cause of every pain or problem that we seem to experience can be traced back to some aspect of this misperception that we are sinful of abandoning God/Source/Perfect Love.

How do I know this? I spent many years moving through illness, which is when God taught me to truly heal. 

My own story of suffering and salvation, I detail in The Subsidized Course, True Healing & the Treasure Map, and it was in this near-decade of the dark night that the contents of The Treasure Map were born.

What came to harm was what was used to heal me.

It took me a great deal of time, many years to understand this mind-correction from fear to love and whilst I was dealing with a case of sexual abuse, you can imagine my shock when I finally got to the true...

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The Wholeness of True Healing


Lately, when I see a post on social media and someone is mentioning the difficult journey that they are going through, I will see a comment saying something along the lines of 'I am holding space for you.' Another ego idea that seeks the belief in separation, keeping you stuck to the little self of lack, limitation, and lovelessness that offers every pain or problem you experience in the dream of time.

Now, I am not saying that it doesn't help to have a hand to hold, for depending upon where you are in the journey will depend on whether you need this or not. But whilst you continue to project the story of suffering it keeps you bound to the effects of form. It makes the ego real, which cuts you off from the safety, security, and stillness of Perfect Love within, that soothes instead of suffers.

I truly healed because I learned how to take my problems to God, by backtracking through the subconscious mind, withdrawing every shadow that the misperception of separation offers....

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How To Become Free From Suffering



Earlier this week, a beautiful gift arrived in my inbox. A student of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle, Barchi Fojkar, sent me a video testimonial of her experience with this map to miracles. As she mentioned to me, she wanted to assist to help others to try this gift from God themselves.

I smiled within. I was truly grateful. I had said a prayer to God myself only a few days earlier, asking for support of this work. My answer appeared immediately. 

When you pray from the right mind of peace and love, you miraculously manifest, as you utilize the power of Oneness within, which is the Mighty Companion that A Course in Miracles speaks of. 

I have a beautiful story about Barchi to share with you. She jumped into this work and offered less than delightful feedback. She mentioned something along the lines that I had a beautiful message to share with the world, yet I was wrapping it up in brown paper, which was uninviting....

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Karmic Law


I am sure that you have heard of Eckhart Tolle but are you familiar with one of his noted quotes:

"The most important step out of the karmic law is forgiveness."

- Eckhart Tolle

You see, Forgiveness heals. It undoes the darkness that comes to disrupt your dream. When you learn how to truly forgive, as God teaches, which is called Truforgiveness, miracles are made. 

I remember years ago when Eckhart released The Power of Now. I was watching an interview with him, and he stated that he kept on mentally cleaning his book with forgiveness. I was already studying Forgiveness myself at this stage, but I was yet to understand the depths of the true healing that it grants. 

You see, when you clean within, by truly forgiving that which you love, miracles are made. This is why his book went on to become an international bestseller. He withdrew all of the fear from it, that separates and suffers. 

It is not only the body that is after healing. It might...

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The Courage of Harriet Tubman



What seems like such a long time ago now, when I was battling to not only stay sane but fighting for my life, I would often look to a quote that was framed on a wall. So vast this was, it almost took up the space itself. 

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

Whilst some discount that these words were written by a woman of color, Harriet Tubman, others agree that they were. And for me, Harriet with her courage, love and wisdom held my hand when I faced my own valley of the shadow of death. With her deep affection for God, and guidance from Him in premonitions, she went on to change the world in the time that she lived. 

When I think of Harriet, I think of her great love to serve God and those around her. I think of her wisdom and strength to start a movement to abolish slavery. When I learned about her early life and the traumas she...

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Greek Pea Stew


Since the mid-1990s, I have been vegetarian, so when I find a recipe that I love, it sticks. Especially as I have always been a fan of peas. They were a much-loved staple in my childhood home, so much so, that at one stage, a delicacy would be to have a pea sandwich! I have since outgrown this, but when I came upon this rich recipe (Greek Pea Stew) when I was living in Greece, well, I just never forgot it. 

I spent a proportion of my young adult life in Greece. I would love to say that I was young and care-free, but, whilst I was young, I was struggling with so much internal pain that it was a hard to get through my days. I no longer know this person, for I have begun to undo ego-identification and return my thinking to the right mind of peace and love that offers the truth of wholeness, where there can be no lack. That is right, every problem you have stems from your choice to be the separate self of the ego-mind, instead of the being of Perfect Love...

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The Miracle of True Healing



It was early March, and I was wondering how I could demonstrate the miracle of true healing to people.  I wasn't certain that my message was getting through, about the transformation I received. Honestly, if it were not for The Treasure Map, I would have been forced to kill myself. Such was the severity of darkness that I fell to. 

I needed something concrete. Something solid that people could see of the power this map to miracles possesses. I knew God would answer me. 

A few weeks passed and my beloved grey, Mr. J, developed a mass on his snout. I did an online consultation with a vet (corona-fever had hit) and was told that it most likely was a wart and just to be certain, I should get a biopsy done. 

That night, as I lay in bed, I received the message from God, heal the wart with The Treasure Map and document it. So you can demonstrate the miracle of Truforgiveness. 

The following morning, I began to apply the Truforgiveness Healing that I do with...

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How Do You Go Beyond the Fearful Thoughts


Spiritual teachers have told us for eons that you must go beyond the fearful thoughts to find the truth of stillness, serenity, safety and security. But, they have not told you how!

Some advise mindfulness and meditation, to calm the thinking and align with the soul. Others advise exercise or even positive affirmations to shift to thoughts of good. To be honest, none of these correct at the cause, which is the choice to be separate instead of whole (Perfect Love) - this is how you make miracles. 

Before my spiritual awakening, I had no idea of what the belief in separation meant. How could I? As I was appearing as a separate self, which is what I was identified with. Like most people. I believed the thoughts that ran through my brain, were what I believed. Little did I know that they belong to the ego-mind, which is not who we are.

With corona fever hitting our shores, and not in a good way, fear is rising from the subconscious. I know how terrifying this fear...

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