The Gifts of Truforgiveness

 This is your A to Z of the gifts granted by Truforgiveness. If you are wanting to make these your own, then learn to withdraw the shadows of suffering that make your dream dark instead of delightful. Every treasure map you place upon the altar to God offers a gift. What will you find?


What is within is seen without. If you are coming from a place of brokenness within, you will more than likely be broke on the level of form. Seek to find the truth of wholeness within (Perfect Love) and you will become so rich in goodness and grace that in your completion you will discover the riches of God. As what is within is seen without, so when you are whole within you have this on the level of form. Wholeness is abundant.


Truforgiveness is a blessing, not a burden. Without this true way to forgive you would have a difficult time finding an escape from ego-identification, which is home to lack, loss, and lovelessness, to remember your true Self: the Oneness of Perfect Love. Every opportunity you have to forgive within undoes a little of the small self that offers pain & punishment in the dream in time. This is your true healing that makes miracles happen.


Have you ever wanted to add a whole lot more confidence to your self? Would you believe that it is a gift of Truforgiveness? Once you become truly forgiven, by the miracle of forgiving within, confidence will seep out of you. It radiates from Perfect Love, what you are in truth. This isn't a false confidence built upon the ego illusion. But rather a certainty, for you know you are truly loved. It is the truth of Oneness which is confident, for it is perfect, peaceful and powerful.


Whilst you believe yourself to be the separated self, you cannot know the divinity of Perfect Love. Nor can you know the truth of your innocence. You are perfect, peaceful and powerful, yet whilst confused in who you are, this truth is a misplaced memory. It is time to reunite you with your truth: You are simply divine, and even though you believe death is the punishment you deserve, what God creates as One, cannot be sinful or separated.


Truforgiveness undoes ego-identification returning thinking to the right mind of peace and love. Not only will you let go of the burdens that break, but you become light in goodness and grace as you swap perception for knowledge. Where there were problems, there is now peace. The journey through time becomes easier to navigate as you learn to listen to your true voice: the One you share with God (Perfect Love).


Freedom from ego fear! What more could you want? Whilst you continue to confuse yourself as the body, instead of the innocent Mind, you will be chained to the ego thought system of sin, guilt, and fear, which is home to lack, loss, and lovelessness. Every problem you face comes from some aspect of your choice to be separate instead of whole. It is in your wholeness you will find your freedom - from that which comes to hurt, the belief in separation.


By giving up guilt, when you forgive within, you let go of the burdens that trouble. You remove the veil of guilt that distorts perception allowing you to see the truth of Perfect Love that is offered to those that know innocence is true, not the guilt of sin. Of course, those that know they are truly forgiven are grateful, for they no longer sleep. The ego lies dissolve as they begin to remember themselves as perfect, peaceful and powerful. The Son of God that they are in truth.


True healing leads to the happiness you seek. It is not a fake happiness dependant upon a good turn of events. It is a happiness so complete that you shall become untouchable in time. No matter what illusions the ego dream of time might send your way, you remain happy as you know yourself to be perfect, peaceful and powerful. By giving up the little self of ego-identification you are free to remember the true Self that is happy indeed for the wholeness of holiness has returned to your mind: Perfect Love.


Every grievance you prefer to protect makes a heavy cloud of guilt that covers the true illuminated Self that you are. For you to know yourself as light not dark, you need to heal the decision for separation in the split-mind. You are perfect, peaceful and powerful, allow Truforgiveness to illuminate your path to truth. It is the gift given to lead you Home, to the place you have never left but dreamed that you had: Oneness with God.


Do not seek an eye for an eye, for this makes the belief in separation your truth. Separation is the reason for every dark shadow that appears in time. You must learn to withdraw the shadows when they appear, for this stops them projecting further into the script. The one you accuse of being guilty is you, for there is only one of us, yet appearing as many. Clean up the dark corners of your mind and you will swap the nightmare for the happy dream that knows innocence is true, not the guilt of sin.


The gentle dream of Truforgiveness grants kindness instead of cruelty. You see, this is your nightmare or dream depending upon where you stand. Whether you are seeing through the distorted vision of sin, guilt, and fear or the cloud of darkness has been lifted from your sight, will depend on whether things are cruel or kind. Those that are whole are kind, those that are not, are cruel, for they have given their allegiance to the idea of separation: the ego belief in specialness.


Perfect love is who You are, not what you need attain. Those that are separate, beg, borrow and steal to scrounge for a love to fill the emptiness within. For that which is separate is not complete. Thus, the answer can be found where the cause arose, the decision to separate from Perfect Love. With the purpose of Truforgiveness, you will heal into wholeness which leads to your holiness: the Oneness of Love.


A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, Perfect Love. By the time you place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, by forgiving within, your thought has been corrected. By changing what you think within, deep within, it shifts the projection in the world of form. By giving up the guilt from the misperception of separation you will find the truth of sameness (Perfect Love) that will ease any illusion the ego nightmare throws your way.


Whilst you continue to believe the story of the ego definition of self, you will not be able to understand the nothingness that is this world of form. To the ego this world is everything for it is of its making. It is its life. Yet in truth, this world is nothing for God is still the everything and when the sleeping Child wakes up, this world will disappear back into the nothingness from where it came. So do not value the valueless. Instead value that which cannot perish or die: Perfect Love.


Every chance you have to truly forgive is another opportunity to remember love over fear, to awaken to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. It is the tool that you will utilize to transform the lack in your seeming life, by healing the decision for separation that is hidden in the subconscious mind. When you have completely forgiven every aspect of the choice to play god yourself in the land of time, awakening to Perfect Love will be yours to have and to be.


Truforgiveness will turn problems into peace, as it gently and gracefully restores from wrong-minded thinking (judgment and attack) to right-mindedness (peace and love), before One-mindedness is returned to the awakened Child of God. If peace is something you wish to grace, then get forgiving within! When you forgive at the cause, Truforgiveness, it not only undoes the call for punishment, but grants the inner peace & perfect power of your true Self.


Truforgiveness takes you to the right mind that is buried deep within the subconscious. Here, there are no incessant thoughts. There is stillness and quietness, for it does not belong to the realm of judgment and attack. Whilst you still seem to be in the dream of time, you get a reprieve from the drama the ego dishes up. You will be cradled in the completion of Perfect Love that eases the pain & punishment of wrong-minded thinking. Instead of buying what the ego sells, you truly forgive the symbols of sin.


The self you think you are (the separate mind and body of ego-identification) is not your truth. Hidden deep within is the right mind where the loving thoughts you share with God can be found. These are based upon Oneness, not separateness, and offer the happy dream through time. If you are looking for your true Self, then gently begin to undo the ego, which is what Truforgiveness grants, and you will find a well of Perfect Love as you get to know your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self.


The ego cannot offer you the safety you crave, for the ego was born to die. When you find your true Self - Oneness with God - you come to see that death is not true for you are not the body. You are the being of Perfect Love. Learn to utilize the body to awaken from time, not be bound by the story of suffering that each ego-mind must move through. When you know your true Self, you will know the truth of safety and move through time with peace, purpose, positivity and pleasure.


Truforgiveness Therapy does not make true the story of suffering that each ego must move through. Instead, you truly forgive each barrier to the awareness of love's presence. This means that the shadows of suffering are gifts to assist to undo ego-identification to remember the true Self: the being of Perfect Love. The true cause of suffering is the choice to be separate and not the same, so you must locate where the ego has hidden the belief in separation by following the process of FAITH. This withdraws the entire shadow of sin.


Whilst you see through the belief in separation you are not seeing, you are dreaming. Truforgiveness undoes the past in the present to release the future from suffering. As it undoes at the cause, which changes the effects. It will teach you that what you perceive is based upon what you think within, so, if you want a different story to play out, you must remove the guilt from your mind that distorts truth. Innocence is true and the more you forgive within the greater your understanding of knowledge becomes.


The true victory you seek is to undo ego-identification and move to the right mind of peace and love that precedes spiritual awakening. Do not be content to accept the shabby offerings the ego dishes up, for they pale in comparison to what the truth of Perfect Love can deliver. By giving up the belief in separation (the cause of every lack you face) you get to know Oneness which is overflowing in an abundance of goodness and grace. This is where true success can be found.


The little self of lack, limitation, and lovelessness that is home to darkness and depression is not who you are. When you forgive within, you give up the belief in specialness (the ego) to find the truth of sameness (Perfect Love) that is so complete that fear cannot enter. This is how you have abundance, peace, safety, confidence, and so many of the other gifts that Truforgiveness grants. Find your wholeness of holiness, the perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, and you will be happy indeed.


You settle for the little self of lack, limitation, and lovelessness to be your truth. Yet, you are the Child of God, the Oneness of Perfect Love. You are everything, not nothing, but this is not found in ego-identification. Undo your allegiance to the ego, by truly forgiving the story of the separate self which will allow you to awaken to the true Self that all power of God has been granted. Access the right mind of peace and love, which is where Truforgiveness takes you, and you will remember your eXcellent Self.


The ego says, 'If I just get this, then I will be happy.' Yet, it will never suffice, as the ego comes from the place of lack. When you find wholeness within, that knows the truth of Perfect Love, you will stop yearning as Oneness offers the happy dream that is filled with an abundance of goodness the ego couldn't even dream up. In truth, you are yearning to know God and your true Self, so truly forgive each lack of love the ego offers and you will truly heal, no matter what seems to come to pass.


When you find the truth of wholeness that is hidden within the darkness of ego-identification, you will wake with joy as you are embraced in the happy dream in time. No longer is it dependant upon a good turn of events, for you have taken the hand of God that grants good energy not bad. Every day you are truly healing and happy to do so, as you listen to your inner voice that seeks the ways of peace & purpose, not punishment & pain. There is a joy granted to those that lay their symbols of separation aside.

You Forgive Within And Miracles Will Be Made

You are asked to give up nothing, except the dark thinking of ego-identification and you will be offered everything in return: the remembrance of Perfect Love. 

Truforgiveness is nothing like the way the ego teaches Forgiveness, for the ego makes true the belief in separation, which is the true cause of every pain, problem, or punishment you experience in the dream of time. Truforgiveness, by following the process of FAITH & digging with the 'I Forgive' principle, removes the entire shadow that has been cast outwards from the misperception you are sinful of separating from Source. Every chance you have to 'forgive within' offers true healing. The undoing of fear to remember love, Perfect Love. 

Become truly helpful to All and start to remove the shadows of suffering that the split-mind projects into the dream. You will give up guilt, which is what seeks the ways of suffering and welcome in the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. Every offering of Truforgiveness presents you with a gift. A treasure of goodness and grace as you begin to discover your rock of Perfect Love. 

What is Truth?

Truth can have nothing oppose it, otherwise, it would not be true. Hidden deep within you is your true reality - Oneness with Perfect Love/God/Source. You must learn to give up your separate self of ego-identification to remember what is true and discover the language of  love  spoken by God: Truforgiveness, True Vision, True Healing, True Affirmations, True Value, True Self, True ACIM

The Truth Within