The Treasure Map

The True Way to Forgive Granted by God

Did you know that there are two minds? The wrong mind of judgment and attack that keeps you bound to littleness, lack, and lovelessness. And the right mind of peace, love and innocence for All that will reveal your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. As well as the happy dream in time you are worthy and deserving of!

Purified Thinking Has Arrived...

You most likely have heard about positive affirmations? Well, a new era has been born. It is called purified thinking, where you clean up what you think from fear to love. Not by consciously controlling thinking but by changing your mind from the wrong to the right. 

The wrong mind refers to ego-identification with your awareness in the brain. The right mind refers to your true Self of being Perfect Love, that can be accessed via the treasure maps you make. For hidden deep within the subconscious is the mind of revelation that has the power to make your impossible dream, possible. And whilst I cannot guarantee what miracle you will receive, you must trust The Treasure Map. For she is God's true healing tool in time.

To purify your thinking you must truly forgive each layer in the subconscious mind with the 'I Forgive' principle until you move through the guilt to discover grace; Perfect Love.

Let me teach you how God taught me to heal. For she does make miracles happen...

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The Treasure Map


The true way to forgive that God has granted. It means True Forgiveness, when you forgive at the cause, not merely the effects of form. It takes you to the truth of Perfect Love that is within.


This FAITH is no idle theology as it takes you from ego fear to Perfect Love, where God can be found. It is a 5-step process to be granted miracles. It is how you truly forgive and truly pray.

The 'I Forgive' Principle

The ‘I Forgive’ Principle is how you remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence. It offers an interlocking chain dissolving the entire shadow, leading from problem to peace. 

The FAITH of God

The FAITH of God is a 5-step process that teaches how to practice Truforgiveness. It takes you from the ego-mind to the right mind, which is where God can be accessed.

God's truth of FAITH does not separate, as it is universal in love and spiritual in truth. To truly forgive you must withdraw the shadow of suffering you project without that covers the truth of Perfect Love that is here for the innocent Mind. This is true healing, undoing ego-identification to return thinking to the right mind of peace and love that presents the happy dream in time.

Truth Revealed

The Gifts of Truforgiveness

From Abundance to Zest, there is an alphabet of gifts that those who forgive within will open up to receiving...

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The Treasures Within...

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Truforgiveness Testimonial

Ginny P

"I am so grateful this came my way, Truforgiveness and The Treasure Map have changed my life. I found using Truforgiveness unlocked my hand, my heart, my faith and my connection to myself had opened as well as my connection to my spirit."

Truforgiveness Testimonial

John V

"I’ve been an avid reader of works by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson, among others, so the key message of Natasha’s writing, that we are Love, believe we have separated from our Source really resonated with me."

Truforgiveness Testimonial

Jessica D-W

"Hey, Tash! Happy New Year! I wanted to let you know I finally finished the journey 😄 It was much harder than I anticipated, but it was worth the effort. As a result of the work, I manifested two new clients and three job interviews!"

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