Hopefully, you can find what you need here. You see, what is within is what you are being asked to clean up. Your true function in time is to dissolve the darkness that covers your light. If you do need to get in touch with me, contact details are provided inside of your library once you purchase a product.


Truforgiveness is not the type of forgiveness that the ego teaches. As the ego makes true the belief in separation from Perfect Love. I have been drawn to all things Forgiveness since I was a young child. I remember those terrible teen years when you are falling out with friends. I had a few words shared with a schoolgirl, yet, by the following day I had forgotten about it. As I said "hi" to her, she looked through me and continued to walk past, ignoring me. I then had the thought, 'Oh, I forgot. We are fighting and I'm not meant to be speaking to her.' It didn't hurt or harm me, but I continued on with the ego games and we didn't communicate for some time. It wasn't always like this for me. I had other times when the wound cut deep and Forgiveness was difficult for me. I might have said that all was good on my end, but hidden underneath my fake smile was a pain that was punishing to carry. At this point in time, I was not enlightened to know that the true cause of every pain/problem that we face is some aspect of the belief in separation from God.

With each passing year, I continued to go deeper into darkness, which I did not believe could be possible. I had to get so deep to learn how to truly save myself.

My near-decade of the dark night saw me segregated from the world. But this was needed, for I was undoing the ego and learning to follow God. When I use the terminology of God, I am referring to the Oneness of Perfect Love. Whilst I believe in Oneness, not separateness, my own FAITH is that of Truforgiveness. As it is the path to peace that leads from the ego-self of specialness to the true Self that is still as God created: perfect, peaceful and powerful.

I have suffered more than I could have believed, but without my wounds, I would not have had a chance to find my way out of the belief of the body to remember the being of Perfect Love which is our truth. If I could give you any advice now, it would be to continue to 'forgive within' whatever struggles you are having. I mean, mine were once so bad that I could not even communicate with people. My mind literally broke. If the ego was who I was, then I would be dead by now. However, do not judge my story. Listen to my words.

What came to hurt me is what was used to truly heal me! And the same applies to you. This is how you find the gift that has been hidden in the darkness of the ego dream. 

You continue to clean within, by drawing up your treasure maps, either by journaling or meditation, and over time you will see incredible shifts. Miracles. You do need to keep on doing it though. If you remained vigilant for Truforgiveness for 12-months, your entire picture would have changed. You would have begun to find a deep sense of happiness and true healing that this world cannot offer. 

You are undoing the ego with this work, so please trust the inner voice and do not rush ahead, trying to get it over as fast as you can. You have time and you must be gentle and loving with yourself.

The other thing is that blame is merely the outward projection of what you prefer to disown about yourself. If it is not within you, you will not find it. So, please become accountable for your own true healing into awakening to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. There is no blame with Truforgiveness, for the real cause is always the belief you are no longer whole. 

I know God, not as theology, but as revelation. I do not wish to get into an ego war of words about what teaching is right or wrong. There are many paths that lead back to Him, to the place you have never left, but dreamed you had and this is one such way. Listen to your inner voice and remember, if you judge and attack another, you judge and attack yourself - as Oneness is true, not separateness.

Good luck with finding the light within that is your truth. We all must, for we must rise as the One Son of God from the sleep that we had fallen into.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash x

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