The Maps
The 50 Principles of Miracles


The eBooks

Spiritual truth and right-minded wisdom

The Truforgiveness Journal


True Prayers

To truly pray is to remove the darkness that covers your light

The Truforgiveness Journal


The Workbooks

A Truforgiveness transformation on traditional workbooks

How to Find Your True Self


The Meditations & Giftbooks

Your set of 30 questions to ensure the mind-correction from wrong to right

The Truforgiveness Journal


Body Love

To truly love your body is to remove the darkness you project upon it

The Truforgiveness Journal


The Mind Map

Learn to escape the darkness of the wrong mind to reclaim the light within

The Truforgiveness Journal


The Treasure Hunt

Ten treasure maps in each hunt offer a month-long mini course

The Truforgiveness Journal


The Enlightenment Series

Practical application PLUS right-minded wisdom of wholeness, holiness and happiness

Become a Truforgiveness Healer
 Online Courses
True Healing & The Treasure Map


Truforgiveness Foundation

A 12 module online course to begin to build your foundation upon Perfect Love

The Truforgiveness Journal


Truforgiveness Body

From promoting body acceptance & love to the true of healing physical ailments

15 Days of Delight


Truforgiveness Living

Begin to clean up your life in time - from money to material possessions and from fears to family

15 Days of Delight


Truforgiveness Enlightenment

Spend the year squeezing out the darkness that dims your light, as you move through the Text of ACIM

15 Days of Delight


Truforgiveness Awakening

Your yearly program to move through the Workbook of ACIM by drawing up your treasure maps