Withdraw the Shadows that

Seek Sickness
Truforgiveness Body

Withdraw the Shadows that

Seek Suffering


Your Online Membership to Cleaning Up Your Body

Each Module Includes One of Each of the Following...

  • Workbook
  • Giftbook
  • Meditation & Transcript
  • True Prayer

Note: Sold as a recurring membership. Invoiced quarterly.


The Body

Clean up what you think about your body by changing your mind and extending light upon your vessel in time


Food & Exercise

Truly forgive the food you eat and the movement you make to go from pain to peace


The Disease

It is time to unite and dissolve the dark shadows of separation that seek sickness & suffering


A ten day workbook - 30 minutes per day - to dissolve the hate to be healed, disovering the light within


Your set of 30 questions to ensure the mind-correction from fear to love is made


A treasure map meditation to guide you deep within to the right mind of revelation

Animal Beings

It is time we unite to assist the suffering of animals. As we begin to withdraw the shadows they are suffering under. Each module will be granted a free gift to truly forgive the pain and punishment of these beings that are the same as us in truth: Perfect Love.

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