Learn to Build Your Home Upon the Foundation of

Perfect Love
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Build Your Foundation Upon

Perfect Love
Truforgiveness Foundation


Your 12 Module Course of Theology & Revelation

Each Module Includes Different Practical Application

  • Workbook
  • Giftbook
  • Meditation & Transcript
  • True Prayer

Note: One module opens each month. Filled with videos & practical application. If you do not complete your treasure maps you will not receive true healing. Not interested in the complete course? No worries, you can purchase each individual module via the library


True Healing

Move through the Miracle, Manager, Metaphysics, Messenger, Maps, Menu, Materials and Movement



Your chance to discover the true Source of love that within. By removing the barriers that keep truth hidden


The Gifts

Open up to The Gifts of Truforgiveness. From Abundance to Zest, the truth of love awaits to guide you Home


Delightful Days

The purpose of time is revealed, as you come to see you must live to wake not dream to die


Financial Freedom

Unknot the guilt of sin that lands upon your finances to move from pain to peace, for the light within knows abundance


Right-Minded Psychology

Here you will move through Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process & Practice. A supplement from A Course in Miracles


The Manual

Work through The Manual for Teachers from A Course in Miracles via revelation from the right mind


The Challenges

Be surprised by these weekly mini-courses as you come to see the truth of greatness belongs to spirit not form


The Song of Prayer

Taken from A Course in Miracles, you will come to see the true prayer to God is a song of Truforgiveness, undoing separation


The 'I Love' Principle

True spiritual law says 'I forgive leads to I love,' so when you clean out the darkness you reclaim the light


The 'I Am' Principle

The 'I Am' principle belongs ot the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness to where The Treasure Map takes you


True Gratitude

True gratitude belongs to the right mind of peace and love that is free from the shadows of sin, guilt, and fear


Sit down with me online as you learn to withdraw the shadows that conceal your light


A mixture of maps - journaling or meditation - granted with each module


Unlearn fear to remember love as you discover God's truth from the right mind

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