Heal Your Life By Dissolving Guilt

to Know Grace
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Heal Your life... Dissolve Guilt
to Know Grace

Truforgiveness Enlightenment


Year-Long Course
Through the Text of A Course in Miracles

12 Modules with Theory & Practical Application

  • Workbook
  • Giftbook
  • Meditation & Transcript
  • True Prayer

Note: One module opens each month. Filled with videos & practical application. If you do not complete your treasure maps you will not receive true healing.


Text of ACIM

Be taken through the true meaning of the Text of the Course


Practical Application

Complete your treasure maps as you squeeze out the darkness to be enlightened



Be welcomed into this community of truth, trust and totality


The Text of ACIM


Mixture of Maps


Remember the Right Mind

True Enlightenment

True enlightenment refers to cleaning out the darkness in the subconscious to discover the light of the right mind. Unless you have opened the door in the subconscious to your being then you will be a teacher of the ego and not of God.

A false prophet refers to one still chained to ego thinking and takes what another has done to interpret truth from the place of specialness.

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