Becoming a Truforgiveness Healer

You have fallen in love with the miracle of The Treasure Map and ready to share this map to miracles with others. Happy to be truly helpful to God and assist to undo the ego fear and return thinking to the right mind of peace and love that leads to the happy dream.

Purification Comes Before Completion

If you would love to become a Truforgiveness Healer and to work 1:1 with clients, to gently undo the belief in separation from Source and to return thinking to the right mind then the Truforgiveness Teacher Training might be for you? 

There is an in-depth multi-year program to clean out the darkness within. For you must be able to hear the right mind and follow the divine guidance to assist to guide the client to where the choice for separation has been hidden. Those that do complete this part and are still eager to be a Truforgiveness Healer then must complete the year-long Truforgiveness Business course, as you begin to build your true healing career. The final year is filled with practical application and working pro bona with clients, as you set everything up.

I would suggest you start with The Foundation Course to see if this spiritual-psychology is for you prior to diving into The Enlightenment and Awakening Courses. And of course, if you simply wish to complete these courses for yourself as part of your self-awareness then freely do so at your will.

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