Truth is of Oneness

Truth belongs to God. When you defend the story of the suffering of the separate self that is ego-identification, you cannot know truth. You are the being of Perfect Love that must wake to their true Self that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. You must locate the right mind that teaches via revelation and not ego interpretation to know this.

This is when you forgive at the cause and not merely the effects of form. You must learn to 'forgive within' to undo the ego fear and return thinking to the right mind of peace and love. Through a series of dreams, I was guided to spell it as Truforgiveness, although it means True Forgiveness. Whilst there was a period of time that I simply refused to do this, the ancient dreams would not cease. As soon as I corrected the spelling in this work, the dreams subsided. 

Do not confuse this work for Forgiveness, for it is not. Forgiveness is but the first step of the 5-steps of Truforgiveness. The cause is always within and by following the process of FAITH - which is an interlocking chain of miracles - you will undo the past in the present and release the future from suffering. Remember, the miracle of The Treasure Map is not Forgiveness, it is Truforgiveness, and you will be taught how to truly forgive, as God teaches, not how the ego does.

True Healing
When we think about healing, we often limit it to the body. However, this is not true healing, for true healing undoes ego fear by dissolving the guilt of the sin of separation. Which is the true cause of every sickness you seem to face. Whether you are unwell in health or wealth, ill in domestic violence or damaged relations, or pained by work colleagues or worry, it is part of the call for punishment the guilty mind seeks. 

The problem is never without and until you have cleaned within by truly forgiving every shadow that is projected outwards, you have true healing into wholeness to do. Whatever is not working for you in your seeming life is what is being asked to be truly forgiven by you. This is the program of true healing that is ahead of you on this day. Learn to withdraw the shadows of suffering that you see and miracles will be made. 

True Perception
What you perceive is not true, for it is based upon what you think within. And it always stems from some aspect of the belief in separation from Source. Truth must be whole and hidden behind the painted pictures of separation that you believe are reality is the truth you share with God: Perfect Love. Perception can be corrected, which is then called true perception and leads to knowledge.

By undoing the fear in your mind you shift your perception from wrong-mindedness which is judgment and attack to right-mindedness which is peace and love. This then leads to One-mindedness, awakening from the dream. However, true perception allows you to see correctly, for you have removed the veil of guilt that distorts sight. Clean up the mess within to make miracles your own. 

 True Vision
Do not believe what your eyes witness to, for they are made by the ego to tell you that guilt is true, not innocence. Your eyes tell you that specialness is made by difference, yet specialness is found in sameness - the Oneness of Perfect Love that is your natural inheritance. You see or interpret what is within, this is why people report different things, based upon their thought-system. 

You are not the body born to die, you are the being of Perfect Love that must wake to their innocent Mind. True vision comes from the right mind of peace and love that leads to One-mindedness. True vision is seeing sameness, not difference. True vision is undoing perception to remember the knowledge of God. There is no separation, for the world of form is the illusion, not the reality. 

True Value
When you chase the shiny objects of the world of form, you cannot know what true value is. True value is the connection of Perfect Love you share with God. Give up the valueless things of the world, and instead truly forgive every barrier to the awareness of love's presence within and ironically, you will not only be overflowing with love, but you become abundant on the level of form. 

Heal the belief in lack - the misperception of separation from Source - and every limitation you seem to face on the level of form is undone as you let go of the ego nightmare of sin, separation, and suffering to know the happy dream that is peaceful, perfect and purposeful. Seek God first and all else shall follow - means to find the truth of Oneness where ego lack cannot be known. 

True Self
You are not the incessant thoughts of ego-identification that swirl through your brain. These are simply the projection of the belief you are sinful of separating from God. Hidden deep within you is the right mind of peace and love that leads to the stillness, security, safety and soulfulness that you ache to remember: your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 

Do not be content to believe that you are the limited, lacking, and loveless self that is no good, not deserving and worthless. This belongs to the ego-mind, which is the symbol that separation is possible. Undo the separating thoughts of judgment and attack, by following the process of FAITH and you will find your true Self: the being of Perfect Love. Whole, healed and completely holy. 

True Love
Do not be content to accept the special love that the ego offers, for hidden within you is the true love that you seek - the Oneness of wholeness where there can be no lack. The tighter you hold on to another is a certain sign that you do not love them. Love lets go, it is fear that does not.

Those you do not truly forgive you shall meet again. And it is only by your Truforgiveness that you set yourself free. Your true love is God and every time your mind hurts from the perceived loss of special love, it can be traced back to the moment when you mistakenly believe you lost your Creator (God).

This is where my love affair with spiritual-psychology began. I often think of the scribe, Helen Schucman, and the gift of grace she offered by taking those years to write what was within - her special assignment. The first time I picked up the big blue book I felt as though I was coming home. 

If you are studying A Course in Miracles, which is a complete Course in itself, although it does not teach you how to truly forgive, the way that God has granted, you must read it from the place of Oneness. The more you follow the miracle of The Treasure Map the greater you shall understand the true teachings of ACIM, as you will be guided to the right mind of peace and love from where it was written. 

I would advise you to read the official copy of the Course from the Foundation for Inner Peace, as the Urtext has not been cleaned and is incorrect.

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