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Miracle No. 9

acim miracles right mind Jan 31, 2024
Miracle No. 9

"Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver."
- ACIM The 50 Principles of Miracles #9

The exchange Jesus speaks of is the shift from the wrong mind to the right, where you give up fear to find love. For the darkness of the ego-mind tells you that you are separate and in lack. It offers the gifts of guilt such as shame, blame, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, worry, depression, loneliness etc. When you undo these dark shadows, you shift from dark to light, to locate the truth of Perfect Love within.

So how does this bring more love to both giver and receiver?

Well, the world of form is a 3D hologram in the sleeping Son's Mind. Imagine this split-mind that is still connected to the truth of Perfect Love, the right mind, that projects the darkness of separation. As such, it extends the truth of love into the dream of time and projects the dark shadows of the belief in sin, the idea that separation from Source is true. 

To be holy on earth is to be in a place that the light of Perfect Love extends upon and to be unholy is covered with these shadows of suffering. The more projections of darkness you have upon you, the darker you will be in time and the more difficult the journey. When I started to wake up, after my decades of darkness, God came to me one day and revealed, "Your brothers and sisters almost destroyed you with what they projected upon you." If you are in the firing line of someone's projections, you must truly forgive them to stop the shadows from overshadowing your light. And by becoming holy (whole) with your Truforgiveness, this uncovers the light inside. You will no longer see darkness without, and you will extend light upon your brother, which offers them a helping hand. You begin this chain of connection, whereby you undo the ego-mind and the belief in separation to locate the right mind that connects to God. This is how giver and receiver will have more love, and no longer will you be separate from the one you truly forgive, with the miracle of The Treasure Map. For as you clean up the darkness within, the truth of light you share connects in sameness.

When you complete the miracle, which is the mind-correction, you exchange the wrong mind for the right and see with love not fear. Your story and how you interpret things shifts. For you have changed your mind. For example, if you are in the ego-mind and attacked by someone, you see them as guilty and deserving of punishment. Yet, if you are attacked by someone and you are in the right mind, no longer do you see them as sinful, but rather suffering and drowning in these shadows of separation. You thus answer their call for help and withdraw the shadows that cover their right mind. By doing this, you then stop this shadow you have withdrawn from projecting further into time. This might mean that your child, down the track, in the seeming future, was also going to be attacked, but now that you have stopped it from projecting, they miss this lesson. For it no longer needs to be looked at for you have cleaned it up and placed it upon the altar to God.

This is the true healing you seek. The return to the right mind of revelation, from where Helen scribed the Course. And when you make the right mind your Home you will see a new. For the right mind is free from the veil of guilt in the subconscious mind that distorts true perception.

You must begin your own purification process to remember truth. You are still as God created. Perfect, peaceful and powerful. For all you have done was to fall asleep and dream you are something you are not. Sinful of separating and thus seeking to pain and punish themselves.

Discover the true meaning of miracles - taken from The 50 Principles of Miracles in Chapter One of A Course in Miracles. You see, to know the Course is to reclaim the right mind from where ACIM was written.

If you would like to dive into the revelation of The 50 Principles of Miracles, and begin to draw up some treasure maps which is how you make the move from the wrong mind to the right, then head to the link below to find out more.

The Right-Minded Principles

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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