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God's True FAITH

faith god truforgiveness Jan 31, 2024

For too long the ego has turned faith into something special. Fighting the other to prove that their faith is the true faith. However, true faith does not belong to body but rather to being. And if you truly believe that God would seek His Children to fight each other, well, you cannot possibly know the truth of God. For God is Perfect Love. It is the ego that has made special love, for the ego is the symbol of separation in time. It looks outside of itself to seek completion. Yet, true completion belongs to the right mind that knows You are being not body, love not fear, whole not hate.

It is time for the truth of God's FAITH to unite us All in the right mind of revelation, where we are the same not separate. From the right mind you will know truth. For truth belongs to completion, not competition.

God has gifted the true meaning of His FAITH as an answer to our prayers. It is not only a way out of the dream of death in duality, but it is a path to peace that will unite all religions and none. For the FAITH of God takes you back to the right mind, where the revelation of God resides.

It is this right mind that is concealed deep within the darkness of the subconscious mind. You must follow the FAITH of God, which is how you truly forgive to change your mind from wrong to right. And you will know and no longer perceive.

When you reclaim the right mind you will know the true teachings of great spiritual teachers that have walked the earth before us. And when seen from the right mind you will see how they all weave their way back to being whole, holy and happy.

I am not asking you to give up your culture, just that you add the true way to 'forgive within' into your life, and you will begin to know the truth of who You are. The being of Perfect Love that must wake from the dream of death they have fallen into.

It is time to unite to remember we are the same, not different. Stop fighting, start truly forgiving and miracles will be made.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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