The Treasure Map Meditations

Each treasure map meditation includes a series of 30-questions to ensure you make the mind-correction from the wrong mind to the right that offers the true healing you seek to know. The remembrance of Perfect Love.

The Helpful Treasure Maps



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The Fearful Treasure Map



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The Money Treasure Maps

Finance & Money


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The Happy Home Treasure Maps

Healing Home


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The Healthy Treasure Maps



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The Mental Health Treasure Maps

Mental Health


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The Manifesting Treasure Maps

Miraculous Manifesting


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The Stillness Treasure Maps

Peace, Purpose, God


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The Feel Good Treasure Maps

The Positive Feels


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Work & Career


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Truforgiveness Teachings

There are two mind, the wrong mind of judgment and attack and the right mind of peace and love. You are not the ego-mind and body, this choice for separation tells you that you are. You must follow The Treasure Map and the FAITH of God to locate the right mind that offers the wholeness of holiness and the truth of who You are: the being of Perfect Love that must wake from the dream of death in duality that they have fallen into.

Do not try to control your conscious thought, for you must locate the loving and kind thoughts You share with God, that have been hidden deep within the darkness of the subconscious mind. When Jesus told us that we needed to remove the veil of guilt from our mind, he was referring to these layers of darkness hidden within, that conceal this right mind of truth and trust, health and happiness, safety and success, and peace and positivity. You clean within with The Treasure Map and allow your impossible dream to be possible.

If you have not already completed The Subsidized Course, True Healing & The Treasure Map, I highly advise that you do.


True Healing & The Treasure Map