Body Love



The Treasure Map Meditations 


Each purchase includes:

  • Two Meditations
  • One on Revelation
  • One on Manifestation
  • The Easy Clean
Angel Wings


Body Love

Find a map that will assist you to find the light within that is kind and not cruel.

Being Not Body



Do you need some help in deciphering where to go or what to do?

Body Health


Family & Friends

You must truly forgive the issues you have with your family to move from pained to peace.

Body Home



Hidden underneath the darkness is all the love you seek: Oneness with Perfect Love.

Body Movement


Finance & Money

The darker you are in grievances and guilt the more problems with mental health you will have.

Cosmetic Surgery


Healing Home

To heal your home is to withdraw the shadows that conceal the light of Perfect Love.

Good Gut



To be healthy is to be whole. So undo the belief in separation to swap guilt for grace.

Healthy Skin



Learn to miraculously manifest by removing the barriers that keep you trapped to lack, loss, and limitation.

Broken Back


Mental Health

Addiction demonstrates lack of love. Truly forgive the torment to find truth: You are innocent not guilty.

Holy Body


God, Goodness, Grace

In the truth of wholeness and holiness concealed within, you will not be denied your great dreams.

Innocent Eyes


Positive Feels

The true and positive Thoughts You share with God belong to the right mind, not the wrong mind.

Great Sport


Work, Career, Business

Head to Truforgiveness Business to find the maps to see you follow your passion and be paid for it.

Great Sport


Truforgiveness Global

Assist to heal the world by withdrawing the shadows of guilt that seek sickness and suffering in time.

The Truforgiveness Way

This meditation is not about stilling the ego-mind, but rather cleaning out the subconscious mind to locate the right mind that grants the true and positive Thoughts You share with God.

Truforgiveness Teaching

There are two minds. The wrong mind of judgment and attack and the right mind of peace and love. You are not the ego-mind and body, which is simply this choice for separation over sameness, Perfect Love.

You must follow The Treasure Map and the FAITH of God to locate the right mind that offers the wholeness of holiness and divine truth. You are the being of Perfect Love that must wake from the dream of death in duality they have fallen into.

Do not try to control your conscious thought, for you must locate the loving and kind thoughts You share with God, that have been hidden deep within the darkness of the subconscious mind.

When Jesus said you needed to remove the veil of guilt from your mind, he was referring to these layers of darkness hidden within, that conceal this right mind of truth and trust, health and happiness, safety and success, and peace and positivity. You clean within with The Treasure Map and allow your impossible dream to be possible.