Peace, Purpose, God Meditations

To know God is to know the truth of Perfect Love where lack, loss, or limitation cannot exist. When you have let go of bodily identification to know being (spirit), which is wholeness, you will know God. Forgive within to undo fear to find love and you will find your true purpose in time.

The Meditations

The 3P's Treasure Map



The Big Scheme Treasure Map

Bigger Picture


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The Finding God Treasure Map

Finding God


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The Inner Peace Treasure Map

Inner Peace


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The Life Purpose Treasure Map

Life Purpose


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The Perfect Love Treasure Map

Perfect Love


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The Spiritual Protection Treasure Map

Spiritual Protection


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The Spiritual Protection Treasure Map

Surviving Shadows


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The Answers Are Within...

 Hidden deep within you is the truth of Perfect Love that knows and does not perceive. Your true function is to dissolve the darkness within that cuts you off from your being everything, not nothing. When you let go of the need to be separate and special you will find the truth of wholeness within that offers peace, purpose and God... Perfect Love.

The ego will never know or understand the truth of God, for the ego is home to separation, it cannot comprehend Oneness. So do not buy into the definitions the ego is selling, instead, locate the truth of innocence for All within, by following The Treasure Map, and you will not only purify your thinking from fear to love, but you will let go of the little self to know the true Self, that is still as God created: perfect, peaceful and powerful.