Family Healing

In these treasure map meditations you will have the chance to clean up your special relationships in time. Whether you seek freedom from abuse or closeness with the ones you love, when you truly forgive with the FAITH of God miracles are made.

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What Pains You is What You Must Truly Forgive

Many years ago, when I was first learning about the miracle of this map I had a huge fight with a loved one. Someone that was so stubborn and held onto a grudge. As they left and walked out, I got to work. I began to unravel the darkness that was just distressed in the home. For a few hours I forgave within. I was in tears. I was worried about what might happen. Then I found the peace within. I was to be okay. Things would be fine.

They finally came home and they were refreshed. They walked in with light in their voice and love in their heart. They spoke as though nothing had happened. This was the miracle I was seeking.

It really was an enlightening moment for me. It taught me how incredible The Treasure Map truly is. I have FAITH in her. I hope you do as well. However, this does not always mean that physically you will stand with the one you love. You might be guided to let them go, for this might be best for you both. Continue to truly forgive to find the peace within and you will be walking the right way.

And never forget, your true family is God, Perfect Love, that belongs to spirit not form.