True Healing

Do you know what True Healing is?

It is when you undo ego-identification returning you to your right mind of peace and love. 

So if you are looking to heal the body, it is true healing that you need, as the body is under the directive of the mind. 

When I first started sharing the miracle of The Treasure Map with others, I was unsure of what I needed to tell them. Do I say that this is ACIM Forgiveness, as it leads you to where the choice for separation has been hidden in the subconscious mind? Which in itself is a game changer, as it is this that undoes ego fear, returning you to your right mind of peace and love. It also allows the student to understand the true teachings of A Course in Miracles via revelation and not ego interpretation. 

Or do I dive into my own miraculous healing that I received from this work? A healing I cannot explain, such was the transformation I made. Do I dive into the story, which has the possibility of presenting victimization, which is the complete opposite of the miracle that The Treasure Map delivers? I must say, I was a little unsure of what to do. 

Then, last week, I was dreaming in my nightly slumber about this work when I received a message.

Just tell them that this is 'true healing', and it will ease the pain and suffering that they face. 

You see, a new thought-form is being introduced to the world now. It will not go away but instead, grow in popularity as the true healing that it offers begins to spread via word of mouth. Honestly, this work works! But you do have to confront your own darkness, feel it, truly forgive it, to become free from it. 

You have been conditioned to focus on the good, pretending that the bad does not exist. What you are soon to realize, is that by confronting the darkness, and truly forgiving it all, you will find the truth of peace that it conceals. When you forgive this entire shadow of the sin of separation, 'true healing' happens. By changing your mind from fear to love, which is what The Treasure Map delivers, this rearranges the events of form you were set to encounter. It also leads to awakening: Oneness with Perfect Love.

The peace is within you, but it hides underneath the darkness you will not let go of.

Whilst you are intent to blame another for your position in life, you cannot know the truth of your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, for it is found in the truth of wholeness not separateness. Do not make this world of form your truth. Instead, continue to undo everything that comes to disturb your peace of mind and miracles will happen for you. But do not offer Forgiveness as the ego defines, for this makes true the belief in separation. You must instead mentally dive deep within the subconscious mind, to pull out the plug that protects the peace of God from being known to you. 

True healing is possible when you find the truth of Perfect Love within you. It is so incredible that you come to realize just how fruitless the world of form actually is. Do not settle for the shabby offerings that the ego gifts you, such as sparkling jewels or buildings to enslave you. Continue to focus on undoing the belief in sin to remember the truth of innocence and everything that you desire will become yours, as you truly heal, by undoing ego-identification. 

True healing is of the mind, for it is the mind that runs the projection in the dream of time. Remember, your function is to remove those shadows of sin that you see that cover the truth of Perfect Love, this will then allow you to extend love, instead of projecting guilt, which is experienced as fear.

For those of you that would like to know a little more about this map to miracles, there is the introductory mini-course, the Truforgiveness Journal, that I highly recommend you dip into. 

And so today, I would like to leave you with one question, 'Where is it you need true healing?' Once you know, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in the ways to make this possible. I too would love to know, so if you feel called, leave me a comment below.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx



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