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You must learn to locate the right mind concealed deep within the subconscious to truly heal and make miracles your own. For this mind of peace and love is free from the guilt of sin that seeks sickness and suffering in time.

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The Upside-Down Thinking of the ego-mind

happiness healing right mind Mar 10, 2020
Truly forgive to find your stillness and peace

A long time ago I first heard about the upside-down thinking of the ego-mind, through the spiritual-psychology that is A Course in Miracles. Well, I read it, but I struggled to understand. I mean, how could darkness be something good? Yet, without the darkness we would have no way to find the light.

Without the shadows of the sin of separation, I would have had no way to uncover where it was that I had buried my own hidden hates and secret sins!

What a revelation this was to be for me. The darkness that I once feared, would become my means to salvation. And that it has. If I had not been thrown into a dungeon of darkness, I would not have discovered the true meaning of FAITH that God teaches. Unlike all the ego offers. You see, the meaning of FAITH that God has granted offers a path to peace that leads from the belief in separation to the truth of Oneness within. You have no idea of how miraculous this actually is, as it is the correct way that one is to forgive that removes the barriers to the awareness of love's presence. By undoing the guilt of sin in your mind, you are free to extend love and witness to the happy dream that is here for the innocent.

This mind-correction that the process of FAITH offers makes miracles happen and is an acronym for:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Authenticity
  3. Introspection
  4. Trust
  5. Honesty

As you can see, Forgiveness is but the first step of the way God would have you forgive, which is called Truforgiveness. There are four more steps to complete the correction that undoes those judgmental thoughts of separation that keep you bound to suffering. 

If you are not at peace, you are suffering! There is a way out of fear and into the love you seek, and all that is asked is that you give up guilt to know grace. 

So, what is the upside-down thinking that the ego deceives us with? A perfect example would be between someone that seemed to struggle in life, who has ended up homeless, seemingly loveless and without a means of escape versus someone that lived a life of ego excess and has climbed the corporate ladder using any means they could to get ahead. You might be shocked to know, that it is the homeless person that is truly successful. For they are undoing the guilt within the mind that seeks for ways to hurt us. If only they knew about the mind-correction from fear to love that is The Truforgvieness Treasure Map® (T3M) they could begin to dissolve the time they were set to suffer. And move through the darkness much quicker.

You see, the one the ego deems successful could be potentially making more spiritual debts (extending the shadow of sin further) that must be worked through at a later time. Everything must be returned to the truth of love, Perfect Love. This is why, do not judge anyone or anything, for you do not know which way they are moving. The ego deceives, it tells you that success is built upon money and prestige. It lies. It is not. Success is built upon the truth of Perfect Love, that when you extend this outwards, you witness to the truth of innocence and the happy dream that exceeds your expectations. And what is quite ironic is this, by extending Perfect Love, instead of projecting the guilt of sin, that you experience as fear, you end up with those trappings the ego tells you to chase. You will eventually arrive at money and prestige, for Perfect Love cannot know lack and nor can it ever not be loved. Otherwise, it would not be Perfect Love. 

The lesson is this. Do not chase the ego and look outwards into the world to save you from suffering. The key is to 'forgive within' to remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence. By doing so, you will be granted the keys to the Kingdom of God - Heaven (the Oneness of Perfect Love). 

To be honest, my greatest successes have been when I had fallen down and was too ill to get back up. Not only was I broken beyond belief, but I also had other egos throw their stones my way. I was called names that stung, as I battled through the near-decade of the dark night that allowed me to undo the ego-mind to remember the true Self that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. Yet when I seemed to be down and out, it was now I grew more than I could have ever foreseen.

You could not buy this success from me. For any amount of riches in the world. It is that valuable and it was earned at a time when the ego would have written me off as nothing, no good and a waste of space. Success is made within, then it can never be taken from you. Success is undoing the wrong mind of judgment and attack to remember the right mind of peace and love that leads to One-mindedness: awakening to God. 

If you are looking to become truly successful, you must learn to remove the barriers of separation that seek ways for you to suffer. The Treasure Map is one such path that will gift you with the success you truly desire: reminding you who You and offering the happy dream instead of the ego delusion of sin, guilt, and fear. 

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

Learn how to truly heal and swap pain for peace, fear for love, stress for safety, and hollowness for happiness. All by giving up guilt to know grace: Perfect Love. As you learn the true way to forgive that has now been granted by God: The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.