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Right Sight

happiness miracles true healing Nov 24, 2022
Right Sight

If you want to live a great life then you must stop judging the events of form and instead 'clean within' by dissolving the darkness that covers your right mind. Yes, we each have two minds and when you come to know how to change your mind from the wrong to the right (by following The Treasure Map) miracles are made.

The Two Minds

1) The Wrong Mind - This belongs to ego-identification and the thoughts of judgment and attack that swirl through your brain. Keeping you chained to lack, loss, and lovelessness, where the belief in sin, separation, suffering, sickness, and specialness reside.
2) The Right Mind - Hidden deep within the subconscious mind is the right mind of peace and love. It is where those 'gut feels' can be found. Only, when you locate the right mind no longer is the divine guidance you seek sporadic but rather constant. For you have found the mind that connects in being and not body. The mind that knows innocence and not guilt. The mind that is whole and not part.

My life changed when I stumbled upon the right mind for it began to teach via revelation and not ego-interpretation. You see, we each have a set amount of darkness we must dissolve, as part of the Atonement principle. You can simply let these shadows of suffering play out until they run out of steam, or you can mentally dig within to dissolve the darkness that dims your light. This is what I did and continue to do... day in, day out.

And I have the perfect example for you.

Since I was a small child I have needed glasses. Sometimes I would wear them, sometimes not. Until my sight got so bad that I needed them at all times. Yet, still this suffering I could tolerate. Then a few years ago my eyes became dry. I did a little Truforgiveness practice on them. I woke up one day and felt called to get some eye drops. I put down the forgiving within and took the magic, in liquid form. The drops helped for a short time, but then I was back to being hurt. I would often think 'I need to be forgiving my sight', but with so much happening I put this to the back of the line.

A few weeks ago I woke with absolute pain in my eye. My eyelids were inflamed. I had been given warnings about cleaning up the darkness in my sight but I chose to ignore the signs. I was now suffering greatly. I started The Treasure Map. I began to unlearn fear to remember love. This was my true function in time.

I was seeing what I wanted to see. For so long I had seen sickness and suffering, but now from deep within, I was looking to see happiness and healing. As I changed what was within my picture in time would alter accordingly. This was true, there was once a time that everywhere I looked it was filled with pain and problems. I seemed to attract illness after illness and person after person that was down and out. No longer was I seeking to see this. I wanted to see healthy and happy people that could assist me to take The Treasure Map out into the world. Those willing to carry her on their backs, as I have for the past twenty years. It was time to change my story by changing my mind, from the wrong to the right.

Twenty years ago, around 2002, Jesus appeared to me. He told me that I was smart to learn A Course in Miracles by forgiving within. This was the first time I would hear this phrase before finding it inside years later when I was putting The Treasure Map together. He also told me that in 50 years' time, everyone would be learning the Course this way via truly healing. Well, almost half of this time has passed and The Treasure Map is ready to be taken out into the world. Will you answer this call and assist to carry her?

I have been to the doctor and have antibiotics for my eyes. I have been hurt with this condition (remember you can only be hurt where Perfect Love does not reside), so much that it motivated me to undo the darkness in my sight so that I can see anew. What does this mean? It means I no longer wish to see sickness and suffering but sameness and salvation.

What you see is what you allow yourself. If you see people as guilty it is because you project your own guilt outward. I am in the process of removing the log from my eye that Jesus spoke about. That when I look outward I see the truth of innocence for All. You might be thinking how can a rapist be innocent? Well, they are simply moving through the shadows of suffering the idea of separation has made. They are not in their right mind. They are, in essence, asleep. We must unite and work together to dissolve the shadows by truly forgiving everything, and as the darkness is undone we will rise from the ashes the idea of sin, guilt, and fear has made. The darkness that covers the right mind of perfect peace and luscious love.

Before I close I would like to give you an idea as to how I am truly healing my eyes.

'I forgive my eyes. I forgive the infection in my eye. I forgive my eye for being infected. I forgive what my eyes have seen. I forgive hating what my eyes have seen. I forgive hating what my eyes see. I forgive being tired of seeing pain and punishment. I forgive being tired of seeing pain and punishment. I forgive the need to see happiness and healing. I forgive myself for seeing happiness and healing. I forgive the need to see people healing with The Treasure Map. I forgive the need to see people healing with The Treasure Map. I forgive needing the world to heal with The Treasure Map. I forgive the great healing of the world with The Treasure Map. I forgive the great healing of The Treasure Map. I forgive the great healing of The Treasure Map. I forgive the great healing of The Treasure Map.'

As you can see my thinking has been corrected from dark to light, from negative to positive. So, what comes as a problem is what I will utilize to truly heal, as must you. I will continue to work on my sight and see where I go. Even if the worst happened, that physical sight was lost, when you work with The Treasure Map she grants peace and love to accept the lesson in time.

As I continued to move through forgiving my eyes, I began to forgive America. My eyes wanting to see the American dream. Good and great people to love and support The Treasure Map. Allow what comes to pain and punish to assist. Now, this does not mean that physical healing will be made. Of course, if might, as the body is under the directive of the mind. You simply continue to clean within until you are guided to stop. Usually when peace has been reclaimed.

The world of form is your playground to unlearn fear to find love. Do not judge anything, but truly forgive, by forgiving within, and miracles will be made. And if you do not know how to apply this FAITH of God, make sure you dive into a course that grants the healing you seek: the shift from dark to light.

Finally, as you can see from my map the ego-mind is home to smallness. It was focusing upon the physical eye only and yet when I found the right mind I was looking at healing the world. Can you see the difference? Find the right mind that is worthy and deserving of who You are in truth: The Son of God in the name of wholeness, not separateness.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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