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No Order of Difficulty

a course in miracles happiness true healing Aug 06, 2023
No order of difficulty in miracles - Truforgiveness

When you change your mind from judgment and attack to the right mind of peace and love, with the miracle of The Treasure Map, you undo the guilt within that keeps the misperception of separation as being your truth. By correcting the cause, hidden deep in the subconscious mind, this then changes the projection in the world of form.

Talk about miraculous manifestation.
And I was reminded of this truth.

When my computer that was only two+ years old decided to bow out, I was scrambling around for a solution. Google didn’t provide the answers, nor did the online help desk, as such, I went into the store. A completely adorable guy set to work. I explained, “Everything I have done over the past ten years is stored on this laptop. I need to be able to get in.” It wont start. An unseen manuscript, my daily journal from the years of sickness, ideas, blog posts, poetry, website information, photos, personal information. You get the gist! I mean, there was a lot of stuff on this device that I couldn’t afford to lose. “Please help me!"

After doing his tests, it was revealed that the only way in would be to erase everything and restore new software. Damn. This was not good. I was about to lose all I had done for the past decade.

I thought it would sting. However, because I have been practicing Truforgiveness for some time, and also during this stressful day, as I worked hard myself in finding a solution, I kept this new way of 'forgiving within' in mind, so peace had me in her paws.  “I’m sorry Natasha, but the only option you have now is to completely erase everything and start again.” Mo compassionately gazed my way. The store was under the pump, yet he was soft and gentle with me.

I had already explained earlier what everything meant to me. And then I heard myself say, “It is better than someone dying.” He smiled back and said, “I like the way you think.” In truth, there is no order of difficulty in miracles, one is not harder than the other. It is just the decision for Truforgiveness over judgment, whether that be someone seeming to lay their body aside, or my computer breaking down. “I guess this is a fresh start,” I smiled. I felt it. Peace had hold of me. I thought something like this might torment me, seeing as though the ego would suggest I had lost so much. But at this moment, I realized something extremely powerful. I hadn’t lost peace, for I held the hand of Perfect Love, for the events that were unfolding in the ego story couldn’t touch me. I felt wrapped in stillness each moment, as I watched everything be deleted.

As I was handed my computer, Mo said to me, “I wish all my customers were like you.  You have a beautiful energy Natasha.” I was touched by his exchange and grateful for his words.  Like an innocent child, “I teach Truforgiveness,” I replied, “I have to do what I preach.”

I glided out peacefully. A new direction had been born. It was time to let go of the heaviness of the past decade, as a new story unfolded. It was like God was saying, 'I have wiped that goodbye.' Truforgiveness has made clean what once was dirty. I felt freedom from all that the last ten years had thrown my way.  A new door had opened, and I had no need to carry the past with me any longer. It had served its purpose. It came to teach me an important lesson, and I had finally understood. 'Only love is real, all else imagined,' peace whispered as I walked.

And the reason that there is no order of difficulty in miracles is because everything in the dream of time is thought projected outwards. You can only truly forgive a thought, and if you do not, you make a judgment about it, which powers up the ego-mind of specialness chaining you to fear. 

The ego would say that I had lost so much, but I tell you this, I had gained so much more: freedom, joy, peace, happiness, safety. All of those treasures that are truly valuable. 

Have you lost anything lately? Who or what is this and are you willing to forgive within to see that there is no loss for only love is real?

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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