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Mental Health

discernment mental illness true prayer Nov 30, 2023
Mental Health

The true cause of all suffering is the misperception of sin. The belief in separation from Source. If you are filled with deceit, from being the self of lack, loss, and lovelessness for you to believe yourself to be something you are not, the wrong mind of ego thinking, then you will be filled with darkness. The true Source of your light will be covered, leading to anxiety and depression. Seek within to locate the light and all else will follow. For you will shine love without and be met with help not hinderance, grace not guilt, and love not fear.

True healing is the return to the right mind of revelation, where perfect peace and luscious love are known. From here you extend the light of completion without and will be met with the happy dream in time. The Treasure Map is how you change your mind via a purification process, not by consciously controlling thinking.

I truly healed acute PTSD as I learned to change my thinking from the ego-mind that was broken to reclaim the right mind and a foundation of wholeness & holiness. Seek to find the right mind of revelation – your true voice – and you will move from pained to peace. Let me make this clear. I never did heal the wrong mind of ego, and if I find myself back in that mind, I move back to a state of brokenness. As such, I am vigilant to continue to truly forgive, which allows me to stay in the right mind of peace and love, where gratitude holds true.

You must clean out the darkness in the subconscious that keeps the light of Perfect Love from being known by you. When you discover the light, you will know what to do, what to say, and to where to go. There is help available, and the more you truly forgive the more forgiven you become. It is this that saves from suffering. Allowing divine guidance from the right mind that is still in constant communication with God (in the lower gut). You might be guided to the right doctor or medication if this is needed. You must not judge the story, but instead truly forgive it all to be saved from the misperception you are the broken mind of judgment and attack. The mind you seek that is peace and love is the right mind of wholeness and holiness. As mentioned, the right mind is located in the lower gut of the body, that knows innocence is true, not the guilt of sin. I promise, be brave enough to look upon the hidden hate and secret sin you have concealed, mentally forgive it all to not get stuck in the story. For the light that is kind and not cruel is inside of you. Underneath the darkness the ego tells you not to look upon. I know the struggles with mental health, and whilst this is not an overnight cure, it is a way to escape the struggles the wrong mind of darkness and deceit grants. Most of all, do not give up on yourself, for what you move through is the lesson not the definition. The true function before you is to get yourself well. And the greater the light within you reclaim, the easier this will become.

The truth of FAITH has been revealed by God. It takes you from the wrong mind to the right, which is where God can be found. You must forgive within, truly forgiving each layer presented with the 'I Forgive' principle, as you give up guilt for grace. Remember, you must have your thinking in the lower gut of the body. If you are completing your true prayer correctly you will feel a bubbling up of energy as you dissolve the darkness that keeps you trapped to the misperception of sin, guilt, and fear. This is your thinking being purified from separate to the same: Perfect Love.

Believe in yourself, and when you do others will as well.

If you would like to complete The Mental Health True Prayer, as you begin to dissolve the darkness that covers your light, then head to the link below. If you are following the guidance of a doctor, please continue to do so. Just add The Treasure Map as your complimentary therapy (Truforgiveness).

The Mental Health True Prayer

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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