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Meet Mr J

miracles perfect love the treasure map Jun 23, 2024

It was late 2018. I was deep in the subconscious mind, completing a Truforgiveness Healing session on a client. When I saw a black male greyhound. I knew he was meant for me. But as I was living in an apartment, it did not seem possible.

Around one month later, my parents' cream greyhound, Sundae, passed. They decided to bring another greyhound home. I knew it was to be a black one, a boy. In fact, a few years earlier, I had seen a marvellous black labrador, and as I walked I remember thinking, 'How nice would it be to have two beautiful black greyhounds.'

When they arrived home, the black greyhound they had was a girl. I kept telling them they got the wrong greyhound. It was meant to be a boy. I had seen him in a psychic vision. This was a mistake.

At this time, I did not know that this little girl had a brother. His name was Jaspa. And in a few months time, after hearing his story, I would open up my apartment for him to complete. After all my years of taking care of dogs, I now had my first one. What a gift he was to be. I decided to call him Mr J.

The first night together, he was cool as a cucumber. As I am so sensitive, and affected by energy, this boy was perfect for me. He was calming and confident. He loved everyone. He was a gentle giant. The second night I had him, I felt him complete a healing on me. As though he was repairing a tear in my mind. I was still unaware of the greatness that I was in the presence of.

In fact, God came to one evening and told me to be extra kind to this one, as he was special. Over the years, I came to see this as well. Mr J sat with me when I was completing Truforgiveness Healing sessions. Absorbing the dark energy as it was being cleaned. He also began to teach me how we could communicate. The first time this happened, I was in bed. His legs had been caught underneath the side of my bed, and he could not get out. It was a little moan. That he kept on repeating, until I got up to look. From this moment on, whenever he had an issue he would complete this cry. This was my indication that he needed my help. I had to answer him.

He slept on his bed beside my own. Developing a habit, in the cold of night. Even though he was rugged and covered with a blanket, sometimes he would need extra coverage. He would wait until I began to stir from my sleep, and even before I had moved in the middle of the night, he might stand and shake. He was telling me to get up and to cover him with more blankets. As he was so cold.

I often found myself thinking at night, how lucky I was to be loved by him. It was like winning the lottery.

He would not eat, unless I was holding his bowl. In fact, this morning, after we arrived home from the walk, I prepared his meal. Only, I now needed to pee. I placed the bowl on the floor and walked into the bathroom. He followed me. Placing his head upon my lap. I chastised him, "Why wont you eat without me?"

I felt him communicate with my being. And he did so around 6 months ago. I had been asleep, but found myself waking. This was different. I felt his being out of his body, surrounding me. He was firm. 'I want to go Home. It is time for me to leave.'

There was no mistaking what he had revealed. I cried in bed from my being. I mentally begged him not to leave me. For he was the only true spiritual being that I knew. That he was above me, and my great teacher in time. 'What would I do without you?' I cried into my pillow. I then heard him tell me that I had to go to America. I told him I wouldn't leave him.

As the months moved ahead, I began to plead to God. An ego prayer. 'Please don't take him. He soothes my soul. I have no one else.' God would often remind me that I had Him.

I also began to truly forgive Mr J, as guided by God, with The Treasure Map. I was requesting that if he leave that let if be pain-free for he did not deserve to suffer. Such was his greatness and kindness. And this month, as I held a Truforgiveness Circle on Healing Friendships, I found myself truly forgiving this incredible creature, and how lucky I was to be blessed with such a loving and loyal friend.

Then, a few months after he told me he wanted to go Home, I recorded a short video with him on the lounge beside me. Explaining that he had told me that he wanted to leave and go Home. As you can see above.

The months kept moving ahead. I purchased him an apple airtag collar last month, wondering how much time I might have with him? Then last night, I had a dream. After I told Mr J, for some reason last night, that I was ready to teach.

The dream I had, I was surrounded by a white seal, a huge dog, and some dolphins. They were protecting me. I woke thinking, I will be safe.

I was still not consciously aware of what would occur in the hours following. However, today was a special date for me. It is the day of my grandmother's birthday. As well as the day that my date received a kidney transplant, many years ago.

The morning started like no other. I walked Mr J. Then I fed him. I brushed and rugged him, for this Sydney winter has been chilly. I cleaned the home and completed the chores. I then looked at the skyline. It was growing darker. "Mr J," I yelled. "Let's go do wee-wee." For I would walk him twice in the morning, before he settled for the day.

He came bounding out to me. Tail wagging. I took off his rug and put it to the side. Mr J was happy. I took two steps inside my room to grab my jacket. I reached for my sunglasses. I could not find them. I then heard a scuffle of toes sliding on the hard floor. I assumed Mr J was playing. After a few seconds I turned. He was on the floor. Not quite parallel. But his legs were going crazy. A sense of peace overtook me. I took two steps toward him. Without knowing, I knew. I gently slid his body onto the floor. I told him that I loved him. I started to sing to him. Our morning song...

"I just called to say I love you.
I just called to say how much I care.
I just called to say I love you.
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart."

Then he was gone. It was all over within 30 seconds.

Overall, I have been protected. I have felt a spiritual presence hold me tight.

He left with so much peace, being held in my arms. What a gift we both received. And without knowing it, I told him last night that I was ready.

By choosing the date of my grandmother’s birthday, and the date of my Dad's transplant, there was no mistaking. He had chosen when to leave. What seemed like an accident was not. He went when we both decided it so. And when my Dad passed almost two years ago now, I inherited his black greyhound. I finally had the two black dogs I had innocently thought of a decade prior.

I often prayed to God that He chose the wrong person to give His treasure map to. The rightful owner was Mr J, for his beauty was far beyond anything I have seen in this world. For example, he was attacked by the neighbor's cat last month. So protective of him, I called council, as the fear of losing him had been playing on my mind. I know, a cat attacked him in his own backyard, and he did nothing to the cat. I truly have been blessed to learn from his greatness.

Of course, I have been sad at times today. I went into shock, for a little while. But then I remembered, how blessed I have been to be loved and learned from him. In fact, I remember saying to him just a week ago. "I doubt I will ever know a purity of love that you have provided in time again." How can I be sad? When I have been blessed by a light that is not of this world but shone upon all those that met him. Everyone saying the same, "He is beautiful."

There is a time for everything. Things are not random, even if they seem.

I guess I wanted to share his light and love with you. Mr J spoke to my soul. And in all the years that I have lived, I have never spent so much time with another. Without words, we communicated silently. He is so much more advanced than what I am. I still have one more dream.

'God, I know you are listening. And I ask you to allow Mr J to come back and to take over The Treasure Map from me, when it is time for me to leave.'

Thank you, Mr J, for being more than what I could have ever imagined. I love you for all eternity. I hope to one day be as pure as you.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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