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right mind teaching truth Mar 03, 2023

Invulnerability means not to be open to attack. Now, if you make the ego-mind and body your home, you will be open to suffering, for the ego is the symbol of separation in time. And it is the idea of separation that is the true cause of every attack.

Hidden deep within the subconscious mind is the right mind of peace and love. It is this mind that teaches You are the being of Perfect Love that must wake from the dream of death you have fallen into. And truth be told, that which is perfect can have nothing oppose it. It is so complete that the dark shadows of suffering cannot enter. This is where your invulnerability sits.

You would be a little aware of the right mind already. Have you ever had a gut feeling or received intuitive guidance? That feeling in the lower gut where you simply know and no longer perceive. Well, that is the right mind and when you learn to change your mind from the wrong (ego) to the right, miracles will be made. You will not only get to complete your time guided constantly by the divine, but you will witness to the happy dream the truth of innocence for All bestows. Where you no longer project guilt but instead are bathed in grace.

If you follow The Treasure Map, the gift of greatness granted by God, you will not only truly heal, as you swap problems for peace, but you will become invulnerable to attack. I promise, I was completely surprised when this occurred for me. You see, there was once a time when vitriol sent my way pierced deep. I could feel the words cut through my skin and wound in the ways only the ego knows how. When I discovered the right mind, the words of others were not as frightening. In fact, they seemed to wash over me, for I was extending light that refuses entry to darkness. It truly is miraculous. So, if you are harmed, do not blame another, for you are accountable for cleaning up the mess in your mind that seeks hurt.

This only happens if you have cleaned out the guilt of sin in the area of where the attack seems to occur. For example, I had spent many years cleaning up sexual abuse, when I moved through it again. Instead of being pained and punished by it, the truth of Perfect Love soaked all of my senses, and I was kept safe from the shadows of separation. Even as my body bled afterwards. This allowed me to see the man clearly. He was not trying to hurt me but he was covered in darkness that all he could do was to project suffering my way. And to those he encountered, until someone answered his call for help, and started to withdraw the darkness he was drowning under. This is what we all must do. Stop judging and to withdraw the shadows so they stop projecting further into time, and making our dream darker instead of delightful.

And yet, yesterday I hit my head terribly bad. I thought I would need to go to the hospital. I cried out in agony. Why was I vulnerable to attack in my head? Because I had not cleaned up my head and truly forgiven it. Allowing the light of Perfect Love to extend outward and protect against problems.

What you clean up within you make new. As you change your mind from the wrong to the right. This is your true function in time. It is how Jesus' body was torn apart but he was kept safe from such intense suffering, for he had recovered the right mind that knows being and not body.

To be invulnerable is to be right-minded. So next time you feel yourself attacked, know that you have made the ego your home. To correct this, you must forgive within, with The Treasure Map, to move from the wrong mind to the right, where the truth of Perfect Love is known. This is how you will stay safe, no matter what seems to happen to the body in time.

For those of you interested in The Invulnerabilty Treasure Map to complete, it can be found in the online course The Mastership, Lesson 26.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

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