The Mastership

You are the Son of God, the being of Perfect Love, that needs to wake from the ego delusion of sin, guilt, and fear. Whilst you believe the separate self to be truth, you will not know the correct teachings, as Jesus explains in A Course in Miracles. Here you will see the teachings through the right mind that The Treasure Map takes you to.


Welcome to Awakening

With each treasure map you draw up, either by meditation or giftbook, you will be seeking to find and truly forgive where the ego has hidden the belief in separation. 

This 12-month course will take you deep into the true teachings of A Course in Miracles as Jesus would have you know. You see, the truth of ACIM must be read through the right mind that can be found at the base of the treasure maps that you draw up. 

Many years ago now, I found myself at a local meet up group for students of the Course. I loved the interaction with fellow students, although I found it thoroughly confusing when the group all agreed on the same meaning of the passages, which were completely incorrect. I could hear the inner voice teaching me what the passages were saying. I began to feel confused myself when suddenly, I felt this invisible presence lift my body and tell the group mid-session that this was not for me. I am certain that I rumbled a few feathers, but I was still unlearning the ego at this stage and the true teachings were not solidified within me. As such, it was detrimental to my own learning to stay and to be led by the ego. 

Do not allow the ego to teach you what ACIM says. It does not make this world real. It says to truly forgive everything until peace has been found. All that it does not reveal is the true way that you are to forgive, which has now been offered by The Treasure Map. 

You will work through each area of the Course, completely transforming the path you were set to follow, as you give up guilt to know God's grace. You will delete chapters of suffering from your script, as the more guilt within you let go of, the more of the grace of Perfect Love you get to play in. 

The key with these treasure maps will be to find and truly forgive where the ego has hidden the belief in separation, the true cause of every pain/problem that you face. 

You are free to go at your own pace, however, it is set as a 12-month course. You must learn to listen to the inner voice that knows the way Home. During our time together, this voice will grow in strength, as you begin to unravel the ego-mind to return thinking to the right mind that leads to One-mindedness, awakening from the dream. 

By the time you complete this course, you will have a new direction to follow in the world of form. You would have begun to automatically correct your thinking whenever peace has been lost and welcome in deep happiness as you begin to help others to undo fear to remember love, Perfect Love. 

For those that signed up for the Teacher Training program, you will be on your way to becoming a Truforgiveness Healer. One of God's guides sent to help others to move from the nightmare of separation into the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. 

Either way, you would have found your purpose in life, knowing that your true purpose is to continue to 'forgive within' to undo the fake self that seeks suffering to know the true Self that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. The innocent Mind that needs to awaken from the dream of death in duality.

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Be taken through the true teachings of the text of A Course in Miracles, for the way the ego interprets it is not the truth. It clearly states that you must continue to practice True Forgiveness (Truforgiveness) to undo fear to return to love. It does not make the world of form true, as it is the illusion you must wake up from. 

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Go over every lesson of the workbook of ACIM and you will be explained as to what it means. Not only this, you will be offered your treasure map to draw up, which is your true prayer to God, as it undoes the belief in separation to find the truth of sameness that is buried deep within you: the remembrance of Perfect Love. 

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Manual for Teachers
For those that wish to teach or to even become Truforgiveness Healers, this is a beautiful part of the Course. We will also run through the supplements that Helen Schucman scribed, as Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process, & Practice is important to this true healing that is offered by The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle. 


If you do not see ACIM through the lens of Oneness, you are not seeing it at all. It clearly states that this world is the dream you need to wake up from, and a path to do so is that of True Forgiveness, which is spelt as Truforgiveness. For you forgive at the cause of every complaint you face: the choice to be separate instead of whole. However, before you awaken from the illusion, there is the happy dream that is peaceful and loving that those that 'forgive within' get to enjoy. 

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If you are ready for miracles then you have come to the right place. 

To awaken is to undo the ego-mind to find the right mind that leads to One-mindedness. Do not follow the ego path of awakening that sees you maintain the belief in separation, for those that wake have found the sill voice within where there are no thoughts of judgment or attack. For the belief in separation has been undone.

See Inside

Whilst you can go at your own pace, The Awakening Course (12-months) will walk you through A Course in Miracle - the Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers & Supplements - to ensure the true message of Jesus is not lost by ego interpretation via the gift that is The Treasure Map.

1. What it says
It says that this world is a dream you must wake from, not continue to make true and get stuck in. However, and this is an important but, you must locate the right mind hidden deep within the darkness of the subconscious to know this world is not true. You cannot simply state this from the ego-mind, for the world of form is true to the self that is separate.

2. The path to peace and salvation
Jesus is very clear that the path to peace and salvation is by Forgiveness. Only, it was never revealed how to practice the type of Forgiveness that he mentions. The Treasure Map is ACIM Forgiveness, as it leads the student to where the ego has hidden the belief in separation, which is the true cause of every pain/problem in the illusion of time. 

The Mastership™ is also part of the three-year Teacher Training program to become a Truforgiveness Healer. If you would like to stay updated, make sure you sign up. 

About T3M

The darkness within conceals the truth of light, Perfect Love. Until your know your beingness and not bodily-identification you will sleep. It is most important that you start to change your mind, from the ego-mind to the right mind so that you can find the truth of One-mindedness that is what the awakened know. It is a gradual process from dark to light and you continue to go back and forth until only Perfect Love remains.

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About Truforgiveness Therapy

The Mastership is about becoming vigilant to clean within, to forgive within, and gain control over your thinking. To gain control is to locate the right mind and the thoughts you share with God. For the true and positive thoughts are hidden deep within you, where there are no shadows of the sin of separation that distorts true sight.