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Healing Eyes

happiness the treasure map true healing Aug 10, 2023
Healing Eyes

You do not know what anything is for!

For almost twelve months I have been moving through inflammation of the eyes... blepharitis. So painful at times this has been, I had even questioned if I would prefer to have this or to not have my eyes at all. I kept hearing from my spiritual mentor that it was a chance to clean out what I was seeing.

Whilst the ophthalmologist scrapped my eyes and provided the diagnosis as to what my eyes needed... antibiotics, warm compressions, eye drops, etc. I began to truly forgive my eyes by following the miracle of the map granted by God.

And I was surprised by what I found. For we are taught the problem is the effect but there is a deeper cause concealed inside. So, as my eyes ached and pained I would mentally forgive within and what I discovered taught me so much. For my issues with sight - which would be a heavy shadow for me seeing as though I have needed glasses since I was in primary school - was showing me what I needed to clean up. The redness and swelling of my eyes was about needing to see The Treasure Map succeed around the world. My eyes were tired of not seeing the people that I wanted. People that appreciated this miracle map sent by God. I was ready to see happiness and true healing. I sought support and success. I needed to see light and love, peace and positivity, wholeness and happiness.

If you have the shadows of separation that land upon your sight - if you are not happy with what you are seeing - then you need to clean up what you see in time. Begin to truly forgive your sight. Not once or twice, but continue to do so. As I have done for the past 9 months. In fact. I recently had my eyesight tested, as I am in need of new glasses, and the specialist commented on how healthy my eyes were. And my script in one eye went down slightly, which it never has. I must say, I did the forgiving within whenever my eyes pained. It was severe in the beginning and then the ache began to dull and they were not so problematic. If the inflammation comes back it will be time for me to clean up what I am seeing once more. Until I am happy with the picture painted in time.

For example if you see mean and nasty friends, cheating, failure at work, lack of money, unruly children, etc. then you need to truly forgive what your eyes witness. When you find the true source of love within and this extends upon your sight, you will love what you see in time.

So clean up your sight by truly forgiving all you see. Yes, initially you will be going deeper into the darkness, for you are seeking to find the light that has been concealed underneath it. Just keep on going, until the guilt is gone and grace has been made welcome.

I teach you how to do this, for those that come into The Treasure Map with me.

Yes, if you are not seeing happiness then you need to find the light of Perfect Love within and shine this without. This is what true happiness is about.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

The Treasure Map will change your life. She will save you from suffering to return your thinking to the right mind of peace and love. You will understand spiritual truths via revelation & not ego interpretation.

Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived. It is the true healing you do with God and it makes miracles happen.