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God, The Son & The Holy Spirit

god perfect love trinity Jan 10, 2022
God, the Son & the Holy Spirit

In truth, there is only the Father and the Son. In the beginning, there was God and He extended His Perfect Love outward to create the Son. They lived in perfect union, the same, as Oneness is true, not separateness. However, whilst God shared All with His much-loved extension of truth, it was the Son that bowed to God. Yet, the Son had the silly thought, 'I wonder what it would be like to be God?' In an instant, the idea of sin was born, something other than Perfect Love. And whilst this cannot happen in truth, part of the Son's Mind split off from truth and fell asleep. 

This is why great spiritual teachers of the past have told us that this world is a dream. For it all belongs to the sleeping Son's Mind. However, whilst we seem to be here, we cannot discount what happens as meaning nothing, for those that seem to be here this certainly is real. For this is the playground of punishment the ego-mind comes to die in; again and again and again. We must actively undo the belief in sin (the notion of separation) to wake to the truth of our innocent Mind.

In reality, reality being Oneness with Perfect Love, the Son and God are still at One. However, there is now part of the Son's Mind that has disassociated from truth and is asleep. It is this split-mind that dreams the world of form. True to the ego-mind but not true to who we are in truth: the being of Perfect Love. And so, now God must gently wake this mind that believes they are sinful of separation and terrified of Him. Yet to wake this sleeping Mind would cause too much terror, for it believes that God will seek revenge, and this is why it continues to sleep. Projecting the guilt within the idea in separation from Source has made. The mind must be gently woken to not induce more fear. For those here have confused fear for love. And the truth of love - so complete and perfect - is now something to be afraid of. I know it was for me as I began to wake. 

The instant the Son deemed Himself guilty of betraying God and sought his own remedy to punish himself, which was to separate and form the ego-mind in the attempt to alleviate this guilt from the idea of separation, God granted the miracle. The miracle is the Holy Spirit. The return to the right mind of peace and love.

You see, God needed His Son to wake, to know that whilst he had a single thought the truth of Perfect Love cannot be broken. God was not betrayed by this thought, however, the Son is now seeking ways to alleviate the guilt and this is why punishment after punishment happens in time. Yet, the belief in separation must be looked at and truly forgiven to be freed from. 

The moment the Son deemed himself sinful and fell asleep is when God granted the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the voice for God and is needed in time to assist the Son to wake to his true Self: The One that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. This has nothing to do with ego-identification and body, so if you are still experiencing yourself as separate then you are still aligned to ego thinking. 

The Holy Spirit has now been granted in form. She is how you truly forgive by moving from the ego-mind to the right mind of wholeness and holiness that teaches innocence is true, not the guilt of sin. For those that are A Course in Miracles students, the right mind is often overlooked. Or they believe that right-mindedness is about positivity. This is incorrect. For this simply maintains the belief in separation from Source.

And this is why the Holy Spirit is so important, as she will guide the seeker from the ego-mind which is home to the dark shadows in time to locate the right mind that reveals the truth of who we are. We must each play our part in the Atonement principle and undo the darkness we see without until only love remain. 

To listen to the Holy Spirit, the voice for God will take you back to your true Self, which is hidden deep within the darkness of the subconscious mind. Where your being everything can be found.

When the Son wakes there will be no need for the Holy Spirit for time will cease to exist. Remember, this holy trinity is not separate and the goal of the Holy Spirit is to wake this part of the mind of the Son that sleeps. But to hear the Holy Spirit you must start to undo ego-identification to find the right mind that leads to One-mindedness, waking from the dream of death in duality.

Truly forgive whatever happens to you and you will truly heal. But you must go deep within, which is why the FAITH of God has been revealed as it takes you directly to Him, and is how you truly forgive the belief in separation from Source.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 

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