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Earlier this week, a beautiful gift arrived in my inbox. A student of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle, Barchi Fojkar, sent me a video testimonial of her experience with this map to miracles. As she mentioned to me, she wanted to assist to help others to try this gift from God themselves.

I smiled within. I was truly grateful. I had said a prayer to God myself only a few days earlier, asking for support of this work. My answer appeared immediately. 

When you pray from the right mind of peace and love, you miraculously manifest, as you utilize the power of Oneness within, which is the Mighty Companion that A Course in Miracles speaks of. 

I have a beautiful story about Barchi to share with you. She jumped into this work and offered less than delightful feedback. She mentioned something along the lines that I had a beautiful message to share with the world, yet I was wrapping it up in brown paper, which was uninviting. You see, I have had this map to miracles for quite some time before I was willing to even share it with anyone. So, I was still keeping it hidden. I hadn't yet come across Kajabi™ - the online platform that I use to present my material to you now (which I highly recommend you try, if you have knowledge to share with the world) - but I knew she spoke the truth. So, I set out to repackage as I worked on freeing (truly forgiving) this baby I birthed with God. Thank you Barchi for being my designer angel! 

I can tell you until I am blue in the face that The Treasure Map makes miracles. I know this, as it has completely transformed me from the depths of despair and awoken me to the happy dream that is here for the innocent Mind. It took me some time to understand that my lack of Truforgiveness was what was causing my suffering. When this clicks in for you, every shadow that appears before you becomes a gift of grace, for it allows you to remove the veil of guilt that distorts the truth of Perfect Love that those with innocent vision witness to. 

Yet here, Barchi showed up, unaware of the teachings of A Course in Miracles, yet she speaks of what occurs when you follow the mind-correction from fear to love - which is what The Treasure Map is - you find the truth of peace within. Freedom from the ego judgment and attack, the separating thoughts that are the true cause of the suffering you seek. When you undo the guilt within your mind, you stop looking for ways to hurt yourself. It is the guilt from the misperception in separation that hurts you, when you give it up, by forgiving within, you discover the truth of God's grace - Perfect Love. 

This is what you do not understand. It is never what another does to you, but your decision to no longer be Perfect Love that hurts you. This is the true cause of every pain/problem you seem to experience in the dream of time. Perfect Love cannot be hurt nor harmed, so if you are suffering, it is because you have forgotten who you are. How do you find who you are? You undo every shadow of the sin of separation that covers the Oneness of Perfect Love that is within you right now! This is what The Treasure Map does for you! It is that important.

There is no need to stick with suffering. God has provided the way out of fear and into love and it is called The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle. It is the mind-correction from fear to love and will free you from the punishment you seek to know. That is right, you are in charge of what you experience. The more guilt you have hidden within, the darker the script in time you shall face. Learn how to forgive within, to undo the cause that is buried within the subconscious mind. And you will make miracles your own! 

For those of you that study ACIM, you will also begin to know the true teachings of the Course by revelation and not ego-interpretation. 

Your Exercise:

If you know how to draw up your treasure map, grab your journal, and answer this question: 

What is the suffering that I am unwilling to let go of?

Mentally dive in and see where your treasure map takes you. And remember, no gift of love is ever wasted. Every treasure map you draw up will wait until you are ready to accept the gift of grace that it grants to you. This is why you might work with The Treasure Map for 6-months and not experience a huge shift of grace on the level of form. Of course, you will be feeling completely better, but the picture might not have corrected. This is because you still harbor the guilt of sin within. When you finally allow yourself to accept the goodness of what you have truly forgiven, it appears in wholeness. Bam! The picture changes suddenly and the treasures are abundant!

The treasure maps you had previously drawn up and placed upon the altar to God within waited until you were ready to accept the treasure of God. 

I would love you to leave a comment and let me know how you go with this exercise. What was the true cause of the suffering you are facing?

If you are yet to dive into how you make this shift from fear to love that Barchi mentions, make sure you sign up for The Subsidized Course, True Healing & The Treasure Map. It is also in this course that you can catch the complete video that Barchi shared with me. 

Good luck with going within and making miracles your own!

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

P.S Thank you once again Barchi. I am truly grateful for you. 


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