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Dreams Come True

happiness miraculous manifesting truforgiveness Jul 23, 2021
Dreams Come True with Truforgiveness

We are all wanting to have a better life, consciously! But what you need to be aware of is that it is the subconscious that runs the show. Well, not exactly, but that is for the enlightenment or awakening programs.

What you have hidden within you, in the murkiness of the subconscious mind is what offers you the dream or nightmare.

If you want to clean your life up, you need to remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence within. As what is within is seen without. For example, you might complain that money doesn't make its way to you. This seems to be an external problem but the cause is always within, and if you had of cleaned within by truly forgiving the guilt, the truth of love offers happiness not hollowness. This means that the money would show up for you, no matter what. It is time to stop looking outward to solve your problems, for you have the power of Perfect Love within to change your script in time. To assist you to miraculously manifest your dream instead of your nightmare.

This is how things work. If you project guilt out onto your relationship then this will be a trying area of learning for you. As you will need to move through the shadows of suffering, and as suggested by the word suffering, it is not an enjoyable experience. Yet, it offers a chance to truly grow. To undo your limited thinking that plays small to know You are everything not nothing. This is where your true healing can really happen, for that which is not working for you is what you need to clean up to make new. You do this with Truforgiveness (The Treasure Map).

Then you have the light side of the lesson. If you extend the truth of love onto your relationship this will be a source of satisfaction and security. You clean up one area at a time. And you keep on mentally cleaning within until you have removed all the darkness that you only extend the truth of Perfect Love and the belief in separation is no more. You have reclaimed the truth of Oneness with Perfect Love that offers the happy dream in time; the right mind of revelation.

Do not judge your story, be grateful when the light of love appears and truly forgive the shadows of suffering when they show up. This is how you stay in a state of grace.

This is the true way to miraculously manifest. Do not build your castles upon the shifting sands of time - the ego - for at anytime this structure can become undone. You must learn to build upon the rock of wholeness and holiness (the right mind) that is hidden deep within. It is so whole that fear cannot enter. It will not be open to being attacked by another shadow of the ego making. And this is why it is safe and secure, for it is no longer at the mercy of the events of form. Here, your right mind can be found that knows sameness is true not separateness. Gone are the thoughts of competition and attack, for there is no one to compete with. For there is only you. What is there to be afraid of then if it only you in time? The release from fear that this grants is what sets you up for the happy dream whereby you no longer play by the ego rules of lack, limitation, and lovelessness.

How do you do this? You mentally dive within the subconscious and truly forgive every layer of darkness that covers the truth of Perfect Love. In essence, you are mentally excavating inside, cleaning the darkness, each thin layer with the 'I Forgive' principle, until all that is left is the truth of love.

You see, when you say those positive affirmations from the ego-mind, such as 'I am worthy,' or 'I am deserving,' they do not hold true. The ego-mind will never be worthy of the goodness of grace or deserving of the good life, for it was made by the belief in sin. You must find the truth of Perfect Love to know in truth you are worthy and deserving of greatness, for You are innocent not guilty. The word innocent is key here and this has nothing to do with the innocent-victim mentality of ego making.

You deserve to know your true Self: The One that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. 

So next time you want to build your dreams, start to truly forgive all the barriers that stand in your way until all that is left is the remembrance of light that will deny you not your loving and kind dreams. It is called cleaning within, not keeping a high vibration which simply reinforces the ego belief in separation. The true cause of every pain, problem, or punishment in the world of form.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 

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