The Workbooks

A little theory, a little journaling, over a set duration of days. For as you squeeze out the darkness within only the light remain. This allows the extension of love that seeks kindness not cruelty.

30 minutes daily journaling
$50.00 each


Remember, I Forgive leads to I Love...

  • 30+ Minutes Daily Journaling
  • True Healing
  • Divine Guidance



True Healing with Dad

Start to transform the 'dad' relationship


True Healing with Mom

Find the light within the meaning of 'mom'


Unwanted Advances

Move from fear to FAITH


The Gifts of Truforgiveness

A month of Truforgiveness as you begin to make these gifts your own. Also includes teaching



God's Teachers (ACIM)

The 10 characteristics of a teacher of God


Relationships with Men

Remove the darkness to see the light


Healing Bath

Rest, relaxation & rejuvenation


True Beauty

Find the beauty of love within

The Right Guidance

Seek not for answers outside of yourself, for you must learn to change your mind from the wrong to the right. As the right mind knows the divinity of God. Yes, the right mind is in constant communication with Perfect Love, so truly forgive the barriers to the awareness of wholeness, holiness and happiness that sits within. It is this that The Treasure Map grants.


Seek not perfection in form, for this is home to the belief in sin. Instead, seek perfection with your Truforgiveness to reclaim holiness within


Belongs belongs to the right mind of Perfect Love, where there are no shadows of separation to seek sickness and suffering.


It is the quiet center of the right mind that knows true power. A power so perfect the shadows of suffering cannot be found.

Truforgiveness Teaching

Whilst a traditional treasure map grants a series of 30 questions to ensure you change your mind from the wrong to the right, the workbooks are a little different. A smaller number of questions, but over a duration of days.

These maps do not take you as deep into the darkness as a traditional treasure map does, which takes around 90 minutes to complete. Here, you are asked to dedicate 30+ minutes per day to Truforgiveness. By the time you complete the workbook your thinking would have begun to correct from dark to light, as you remember the truth of love that was once concealed from your thinking.

Remember, miracles are made via practical application not theology alone.

The Gifts of Truforgiveness

Interested in Abundance, Blessing & Confidence? Then dive into the first three gifts to see what they are about...

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