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Perfect Love Belongs to the Right Mind


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Note: You are accountable for what you move through in time. So stop blaming and take back your power to move from the wrong mind to the right. This is how you truly heal and make miracles your own


The Workbooks

Clean up what you think about your body by changing your mind and extending light upon your vessel in time


The Giftbooks

Truly forgive the food you eat and the movement you make to go from pain to peace


Meditations & Giftbooks

It is time to unite and dissolve the dark shadows of separation that seek sickness & suffering

The Light Within

That which is Perfect Love cannot be sick or suffering. Whatever pains or punishes you with your body is what you must truly forgive to free.  For example, for a large majority of my life I have required reading glasses. This demonstrates that I have shadows of suffering that land upon my eyes. Of course, I reach for glasses in order to correct my vision (magic) but I also complete the miracle. Dissolving the hate that hinders my sight, until I love what I see in time.

You are given cues as to what you need to forgive within and when. If I do not begin to dissolve the shadows that land upon my sight, my eyes will continue to get worse, as I allow the problems to continue to project into time (the guilt of sin and separation). Ideally, by completing my treasure maps for my eyes, hopefully I withdraw enough shadows to stop the suffering.

It does not mean I do not go and see an optometrist, of course I do, as you would as well. It means you have the power of the right mind to release you from suffering. You need to make the mind-correction from the wrong mind to the right to make your dreams come true. The true dream is the return to peace and love, where the completion of God protects you from the shadows the belief in separation from Source as made.


The true cause of all suffering projects from some aspect of the belief you are guilty of sinning against God to play god yourself in time


The truth of grace belongs to Perfect Love, where there are no shadows to seek sickness or suffering. Grace belongs to the right mind of revelation


To be great is to return your thinking to the right mind fo wholeness, holiness & happiness. Where your being everything holds true

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