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To Truly Pray...
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The gentle dive... morning & evening true prayers

Each download includes your set of questions to mentally move you through the darkness within to uncover the light of Perfect Love. It is this change of mind - from the wrong to the right - that makes miracles.


Animal Beings

To truly help animals is to withdraw the shadows they are being punished by



Asking For Forgiveness

Learn to truly pray by removing the darkness that covers your light - innocence for All



Bad News

Take the suffering out of the news to find the light that grants goodness, grace and glory



Body Scan

Clean up your body by dissolving the shadows of suffering to extend love upon your teaching device



Constant Cravings

That which you crave is what you must clean up from within, for where love has been welcome fear cannot be found



Daily Problem

Learn to forgive within your daily problems to move from guilt to grace and separate to the same, Perfect Love



Family Awareness

Allow your family to be those you share your lessons with. The ones you walk the same path through time



God's Guidance

The guidance of grace belongs to the right mind of peace and love, which is outside of the ego thought system



Kindness & Care

It is the light of love within that is kind and not cruel. So change your mind as you move from separate to the same



Lost Love

The truth of love cannot be parted so seek within to reclaim completion that knows not of lack, loss, or lovelessness



Loving Authenticity

Truth belongs to being - Oneness - not separateness. So forgive within for your true mind, the right mind of revelation



Mental Health

Change your mind from the wrong to the right to be free from suffering; the idea in separation from Source



Needing Help

Every answer you seek can be found within so undo the darkness that seeks suffering and not salvation



Right Mind

Hidden within the subconscious is the right mind of wholeness & holiness, where true happiness reside



Safe Sobriety

Safety belongs to the right mind of peace and love, free from the shadows of cruelty that seeks punishment



7 Deadly Sins

Learn the true meaning of the 7 Deadly Sins and how to escape the suffering to reclaim salvation



Sexual Illness

From dirty disease to deceptive practices, it is time to clean up the sexual shadow of suffering



Spiritual Awareness

Allow your spiritual essence to reveal what you need be aware of & what is going on, deep within



Thanking God

To thank God is to find the right mind that is still in constant communication with Him, revelation



True Abundance

From the right mind of wholeness & holiness you will not be denied the happy dream in time by reclaiming the light inside



Power & Strength

It is the Oneness of Perfect Love that is unstoppable in time for it is free from guilt that is experienced as fear in form



Pure Politics

To assist politics is to remove the shadows cast upon the government to allow the light within to shine bright



Problematic Health

Undo the guilt within that seeks sickness, for guilt is the true cause of the call for pain & punishment



Wise Winning

To win wisely is to know the light of the right mind of greatness that cannot be denied

The Right Mind

The right mind is your voice of intuition, only when you get the barriers out of the way, no longer is the guidance sporadic but instead constant. 

I am in communication with God, for I have successfully moved through a purification process that allowed me to change my mind from the wrong to the right. Make no mistake, I did the internal work of Truforgiveness. Until I reclaimed the truth of light that is whole, holy and happy. It is this that grants the happy dream in time.


A prayer of the ego seeks to entreat. This keeps you trapped to the wrong mind of littleness, lack, and lovelessness. 

True Prayer

A true prayer takes you deep into the subconscious mind to truly forgive the darkness that conceals your light.

Power Prayer

 When you have uncovered the right mind you extend light with the 'I Love' principle, that is powerful & purposeful.

Truforgiveness Teaching


All prayer is divine, for it is a means for the created to communicate with the Creator. However, instead of begging and pleading for help, when you 'forgive within' you remove the barriers that keep the truth of Perfect Love out of your thinking. When you have love that is whole and holy, you will not be denied. For what is within is seen without.

The Holy Relationship True Prayer

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