The Wellness Treasure Hunt

Wellness means wholeness! To be well is to be whole, not part. If you are looking to truly heal, let go of your need to be separate, for this is the true cause of every pain, punishment, or problem you face in the illusion of form. Reclaim the truth of Perfect Love that is within, return to wholeness, and you will witness to the happy dream in time.

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To be well is to be free from the guilt of the sin of separation. Truly forgive everything that comes to damped your joy and you will begin to truly heal as you let go of your call for punishment.

The Ten Treasure Map Giftbooks:

From Illness to Wellness
Punishment of Self
The Guise of Guilt
Fear of Self
Fear of God
Trust Yourself
Belief in Self
The Perfect Self
Love of Self
The Wellness of Oneness

Bonus Gifts: The Healthy Hope Treasure Map Giftbook, ACIM Explained (Chapter 1 – V. Wholeness and Spirit), Music Melodies, The Wellness Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes) and more.

 15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice, excluding the bonuses.


The Well of Wellness

Do not limit wellness to the body, for wellness is made in the mind, then it is seen outwards. The less guilt you hide within, the less the call for punishment you will face. We all punish ourselves, in one way or another, for we are here to move through the shadows of the sin of separation. However, by truly forgiving the shadows via the process of FAITH, they are undone, and the wholeness of Perfect Love extends outwards and offers us the happy dream in time. Find the well of Oneness within and you will make wellness your friend.



One Month of Truforgiveness Practice

Up to eleven (11) treasure map giftbooks

At least 15+ hours of Truforgiveness journaling

Bonus Gifts: ACIM Explained (Principle 23), music melodies, The Wellness Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes) and more.

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Darkness is What You Need Truly Forgive

Wellness is a state of mind. When you correct your thinking from fear to love, your behavior in the world of form changes as well. No longer is it about having willpower or following the latest trend, you continue to remove the veil of guilt that seeks suffering, and you will give up the bad for the good. As the truth of Perfect Love within, that is whole and complete welcomes in grace, not guilt.

I want you to think of all areas of your life as being either well or unwell. Do not limit this to the body. Whatever is dark and depressing is unwell, and what you must learn to clean within so that you extend love and the picture in time will become well and pleasing. Remember, every pain or punishment comes because of the belief in separation. Undo this, by withdrawing the shadows of darkness that cover the truth of Perfect Love within, and you will welcome wellness into your mind, and then see this without. 

If you continued to place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God that is within, miracles will happen. Whilst I cannot guarantee what will be received by you, for this is at the discretion of The Treasure Map, the more guilt within you undo the less the call for punishment you will make. Of course, from an ego point of view, you are not seeking to hurt yourself, but from deep within, you are looking to dissolve the guilt of sin (the belief in separation) so that you can return to your true Self: Oneness with God. 

Whilst each hunt includes ten treasure maps, to ensure you remove as many shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time, here you will have potentially eleven. With numerous giftbooks to complete, you will certainly change the ego script you were set to face around being well. For it is your thoughts that are projected without. When you clean up within, you brighten the picture in the illusion of time. I would suggest you complete one giftbook (journaling) every three days.

Whilst the true treasure you need to seek and find is the doorway that leads to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, this can take some time. Until you have undone the outer shadows that seek to hide the truth from you. The more you continue to go within, truly forgiving the darkness you uncover, the greater the chance you will have to find the eye of a needle that leads from illusion to reality. Reality being the Oneness of Perfect Love You share with God. Until then, enjoy the gifts that are granted by your honest and authentic offering of Truforgiveness.

Your true function is to clean within the dark corridors of your mind, until all that is left is the truth of Perfect Love that is so whole that wellness has been restored via the knowledge of innocence. All sickness (be that of the body, your career, relationships, friendships, food, money, etc.) can be traced back to some aspect of the belief in separation from Source.

The Treasure Map Giftbooks

Treasure Map 1

From Illness to Wellness

It is your choice to be sick and suffer or to be well and wanted. Deep within you, there is a call for punishment. The more guilt within you undo the lighter the dream in time shall be. 

Treasure Map 3

Punishment of Self

How do you punish yourself? What do you do that is cruel and uncaring? What can you let go of that drags you down? Here, you will have a chance to undo the chains that crucify and begin to move from the nightmare to the happy dream. 

Treasure Map 3

The Guise of Guilt

How do you hide your guilt within? The more guilt you uncover and undo, the better the dream you shall experience. Do not be ashamed of guilt, when it surfaces, grab it to unravel the truth of Perfect Love it hides within. 

Treasure Map 4

Fear of Self

There is only You here. This is your dream in time that you need to awaken from, not continue to make true. Do not be afraid of your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, for it is this Self that is love, not fear. 

Treasure Map 5

Fear of God

The ego tells you that God is after you and will seek revenge for the crimes you have committed. All you have done is to fall asleep and dream that you are something that you are not. The crimes of the world of form are the shadows of sin to be truly forgiven. 

Treasure Map 6

Trust Yourself

Deep within you, there is the inner voice that can be accessed through the right mind of peace and love. It is this Self that will guide you in the ways of health, happiness and harmony, instead of guilt, grievances, and grossness. 

The Truforgiveness Journal: Gratitude Gifts

Belief in Self

When you find your true Self that is well indeed, you will begin to believe in yourself. How could you not? When you start to see that You are the everything, not the nothingness of ego-identification that those who believe in separation think they are. 

Treasure Map 8

The Perfect Self

Do not look for perfection in the ego-mind & body that was built upon the belief in sin, guilt, and fear. For Perfect Love is found in the truth of Oneness, which is where The Treasure Map leads you. 

Treasure Map 9

The Love of Self

The more you remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence, the greater the self-love you shall have and be. It is not vanity to love yourself, it is wise, for where love is so too is health. 

Treasure Map 10

The Wholeness of Oneness

The more of the truth of Oneness you reclaim, the more wellness you will experience. It is the guilt from the belief in separation that seeks the ways to hurt you and by undoing it, you welcome in the goodness of grace that is well indeed. 

Bonus Treasure Map

Healthy Hope

For those who complete a review of this course, you will be gifted with a BONUS treasure map giftbook. What do you hope will be well? What will you allow yourself to have and to be?

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We all must lay the body aside at some stage. Do not judge your wellness on the state of the body. Notice the peace and love you feel within. However, The Treasure Map is how God taught me to truly heal, and when you become diligent for her miracles do occur. This does not mean you deny the doctor's advice. You must learn to Iisten to the voice within and become accountable for your own true healing. I cannot guarantee what you will receive from The Treasure Map, but be grateful for what is granted, and as you begin to build in wholeness you will find the health of happiness you seek.

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