Practical Application

True healing is granted via practical application, not theology alone. For you must learn to change your mind from wrong to right. Do the forgiving within and you will dissolve the darkness that dims your light.

Journaling or Meditation


Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived...
This is the God's true treasure

The true FAITH of God is how you 'forgive within' to change your mind from false perception to true. From releasing fear to peace and positivity, and from knowing God, goodness and grace to miraculous manifesting, allow the way within to lead you without. Out of pain, problems, and punishment and into peace, positivity and perfection.


True Prayers

15 page PDF download



The Giftbooks

45 page PDF download



Meditations & True Prayers

60+ minute inward meditation



The Workbooks

Multi-day maps (10 days)



Enlighten Me

Practical application plus Truforgiveness teaching



The Treasure Hunt

Includes ten treasure maps

The Truth Revealed


Waking up is not all fairy floss and candy cane. It is messy, for you must look upon the hidden hate and secret sin and clean it up from within. In order to open the door in the subconscious that conceals the right mind of truth, trust and totality. This holds true for myself as well.

In time, as more people uncover the right mind by following the true FAITH of God, that seeks sameness not separateness, we will come to know that we must allow the shadows to be seen in order to atone for them. You see, decades prior to my own awakening, I offered a kind smile that concealed the pain and punishment. This is what I believed a good person should do. But this simply maintains ego-identification. Do not hide your darkness, you must withdraw it within. And one such way is by following the miracles of The Treasure Map. As long as you are truly forgiving everything - from your ego outbursts to what you blame another for and from depression to death - you will find your way through hell into heaven, a state of Oneness with All.


God refers to the being of Perfect Love, the Creator of All. There is but One God, and He created our spirits not the body born to die.


To live a good life is to atone for the darkness within the subconscious - the guilt of sin & separation - that hides truth, trust & totality.


Grace belongs to the light not dark. To make grace your own is to change your mind from the wrong to the right, that is free from guilt and grime.

Truforgiveness Teaching


A treasure map is a map that guides you to a specific treasure. The path is set. All you must do is to follow the directions.

Make no mistake, The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle is the true healing gifted by God. That takes you from the wrong mind of separateness to the right mind of sameness, Perfect Love. Thus, it follows, the point you seek to reach is the right mind of being, where truth, trust and totality reside, and where God is.

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