The Protection Treasure Hunt

Welcome to your month-long mini-course that will assist you to undo the darkness within that leaves you feeling unsafe and insecure. When you reclaim the right mind of peace and love, what was once terrifying to you doesn't seem to be so nasty and unkind.

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The Giftbooks: 

You will have ten generic treasure maps to journal your way to locate the peace within that protects. As well as to receive divine guidance as to the path you need to go. The bonus map is on Online Protection.

With at least 15+ hours of Truforgiveness journaling (excluding the bonuses) you will begin to move into the right mind that knows how to protect you in peace and love.

Bonus Gifts: The Online Protection Treasure Map Giftbook, ACIM explained (T-4.IV.1. This Need Not Be), The 3P's Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes), videos, music melodies and more

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The Protection Treasure Hunt

To protect yourself is to love yourself and make good and kind choices for yourself. You see, you can only hurt where you need to truly heal. Where the truth of Perfect Love has been concealed by the shadows of suffering. Who or what you fear is what you need to truly forgive and when you truly forgive it will be taken away from you. This is how you become free from fear!



One Month of Truforgiveness Practice

Up to eleven treasure map giftbooks

At least 15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice

Bonus Gifts: The Online Protection Treasure Map Giftbook, ACIM explained (T-4.IV.1. This Need Not Be), The 3P's Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes), videos, music melodies and more

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Protection Belongs to the Truth of Perfect Love

There are two minds. The wrong mind of ego-identification and the right mind of peace and love. To stay protected in a world that was made to die is to locate the right mind that knows you are being and not body. This is how you cannot die, for when you know the truth of your spiritual Self that the right mind reveals, you will feel safe and protected no matter the story of suffering you are asked to confront in time.

The Treasure Map has another gift to bestow. For she will decrease the amount of time you were destined to spend in suffering. All the shadows of suffering will eventually minimise but we can shorten the duration by truly forgiving them. This allows the light of Perfect Love to extend outwards. To be honest, true protection comes when you know you cannot die, for you are being and not body. For when you align to ego thinking the ego tells you that you are the body. You cannot find the true protection that you seek, which is peace and love. Nothing surpasses the peace of God and it is true. When you locate this within, it is a treasure to keep forever and one that is truly valuable. For example, prior to my beginning to wake I spent my days and night with constant anxiety and depression. Now that I have the right mind my days and nights are filled with a peace that is so whole, fear cannot enter. 

If you are in a life threatening situation, and you believe that it would be even more detrimental to you if someone discovered your treasure maps, then scribble your 'I forgive' statements so they cannot be read.

This mini-course will ensure you remove numerous shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time. With potentially eleven (11) giftbooks to complete, you will certainly change the ego script you were set to face. When you clean up within you brighten the picture in the illusion of time. 

Upon purchase, you will be taken to your mini-course. Ideally, it will take you one month to complete. However, listen to the inner voice to guide the pace.

Each treasure map should take you around 90-minutes to complete, so you will have at least 15+ hours of forgiving within ahead of you, excluding the bonus material. The bonus material includes ideas for your nightly treasure map meditations, one week of journaling the 'I Love' principle, which are your love letters to Self, musical inspiration to assist you to access the subconscious mind to draw up your treasure maps and a treasure map meditation.

Whilst I do not believe this mini-course will offer you all the protection you seek, it is a start. For example, if you find yourself in a dark scenario in life, continue to come back to this course month after month, until you locate the pace within that offers the happiness you seek. Of course, when you find happiness within you will feel protected, as happiness belongs to love, which is safe and secure.


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As this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on this purchase. However, this is a complete mini-course to assist you throughout the month to move from fear to love, to find the peace within that protects in love. I would suggest you read through the entire course first, prior to diving in, as it will give you an idea of what you are seeking to find.