The Money Treasure Hunt

Money is what you deem it to be, as what is within is seen without. The more lack of money you face, the greater the belief in separation. Undo the lack from where it arose, the split-mind, to reclaim the truth of wholeness that knows not of lack, limitation, or lovelessness and make those money miracles your own.

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You have the power within to change your story in time. We all seem to punish ourselves in some manner and if your shadows of suffering land upon wealth, money might be hard to come by or to keep.

Up to eleven Treasure Map Giftbooks:

Finding Money
Needing Money
Keeping Money
Having Money
Sourcing Money
Manifesting Money
Trusting Money
Understanding Money
Loving Money
Accepting Money
BONUS Giftbook: Money Growth

Minimum of 15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice... One month of miracles

Extra bonuses include: ACIM explained (Manual for Teachers – 13. What is the Real Meaning of Sacrifice?), The Financial Stress Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes), videos and more

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Make Money Within

The more broken you are, the less abundance you will have on the level of form, as what is within is seen without. By undoing your allegiance to the ego thought-forms of sin, guilt, and fear, which is what seeks the ways of punishment, you will find the wholeness of Perfect Love that is so complete lack cannot enter. Continue to 'forgive within' the shadows that land upon money, and over time, it will move from being a source of disappointment to one of delight. Until you no need to clean within for you have found the true source of love that offers the happy abundance that you seek... the wholeness of wealth.


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One Month of Truforgiveness Practice

Up to eleven treasure map giftbooks

At least 15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice

Bonus Gifts: ACIM explained, music melodies, meditation, videos and more

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Build Your Home Upon the Rock of Perfect Love.

The ego teaches us to look outside of ourselves for help, yet the cause is always within. Have a look at those around you that are struggling with financial concerns. The more broken they seem to be, the less money they will have. Do not blame another for this, for as I have said, the cause is always within, then it is seen outwards. 

Take, for example, when two people divorce. They might have once been going strong, as they had come together in search of wholeness. When it falls apart, depending upon the wound, if they feel broken - lack, limitation, and lovelessness are what they face. This has nothing to do with the marriage or the loss of the partner, but rather the brokenness they have decided to clean up from within. We all must move through the shadows of suffering at some time. Even the ones that seemed to have a charmed life, at another time they too will have to confront the darkness from the belief in separation. This is where the idea of lack was first thought. You see, the decision is always made in the mind, then it is played out on the level of form. Do not judge your position, or that of another, as the world of form is not our truth. It is our classroom to undo the belief in sin (the notion of separation) to return to our right mind that offers the happy dream in time. 

Find the right mind of peace and love, where the idea of punishment is no more, and experience the wholeness of Perfect Love in all her abundant glory. It is from here you move through the light and lovely lessons in time, instead of the painful and problematic that belong to the shadows of sin and separation.

Whilst each hunt includes ten treasure maps, to ensure you remove as many shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time, here you will have eleven. With numerous giftbooks to complete, you will certainly change the ego script you were set to face around money. For it is your thoughts that are projected without. When you clean up within, you brighten the picture in the illusion of time. For you remove the veil of guilt that covers your right mind of peace and love.

Whilst the true treasure you need to seek and find is the doorway that leads to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, this can take some time. Until you have undone the outer shadows that seek to hide the truth from you. The more you continue to go within, truly forgiving the darkness you uncover, the greater the chance you will have to find the eye of a needle that leads from illusion to reality. Reality being the Oneness of Perfect Love you share with God. Until then, enjoy the gifts that are granted by your honest and authentic offering of Truforgiveness.

Whenever you think of money, use money, work for money, etc. start to mentally clean it up from within, until there are no dark shadows of separation that fall upon it. By cleaning up within, you move from the dark to the light, and instead of being punished by it, you become pleased with it. As the truth of innocence has been restored to your Mind. Make money from within, by reclaiming the truth of wholeness. You will then see this without, without killing yourself to make it! You will still have to do something on the level of form, but the right mind within will guide your work in time.


The Treasure Map Giftbooks

Treasure Map 1

Finding Money

You must find money within before it can be experienced without. The more of the dark shadows of sin you have that cover your mind, the more of the experience of lack you will have in the illusion of time. 

Treasure Map 3

Needing Money

There is nothing wrong with needing money, for money is what you deem it to be. You have no neutral thoughts, so if you project guilt upon money, you will be in the dark with it. 

Treasure Map 3

Keeping Money

You might make money, but do you love yourself enough to be in an abundant supply of it, or are you living from paycheck to paycheck? The more wholeness within you find, the more wealth you get to roll in. 

Treasure Map 4

Having Money

Do not feel guilty about having money. Locate all traces of guilt and utilize it as a chance to forgive within, to undo ego fear and return thinking to the right mind of peace and love, which is wealthy indeed. 

Treasure Map 5

Sourcing Money

Where do you get your money from? How do you get it? It is time to give up the money struggle and undo the lack within so that you can experience the abundance of the innocent Mind. 

Treasure Map 6

Manifesting Money

It is time to begin to manifest money, as you learn to build upon the rock of Perfect Love which includes attributes such as self-worth, power, safety, protection, etc. This is your dream and your choice as to whether you are rich or poor. 

The Truforgiveness Journal: Gratitude Gifts

Trusting Money

When you trust money, not only will you feel safe enough to receive it, but relaxed enough to know that it is not limited. Limitation was made by the ego-mind and the more you undo it, the less limited you become. 

Treasure Map 8

Understanding Money

Money is neither good or bad in truth, but it is what you deem it to be. If you project your guilt upon it, you will see others as greedy that have it. If you extend love outwards onto it, you will be abundant and blessed to enjoy it. 

Treasure Map 9

Loving Money

To have and to be, is to love. The more of the truth of love you extend outwards, the prettier the dream in time you shall experience. When you love yourself, you will love money and see the good side of what it has to offer.

Treasure Map 10

Accepting Money

When you accept yourself, you will accept the goodness of money. Do not close the channels of acceptance. Listen to the inner voice that wills you to be happy not hollow, and welcome in the wholeness of wealth. 

Bonus Treasure Map

Money Growth

For those that complete a review of this course, you will be gifted with a BONUS treasure map giftbook. How do you grow your money? What do you have to invest?

Heal Money Now


We all experience darkness is some parts of our lives. Do not judge where your lessons of fear show up. Instead, truly forgive by following the process of FAITH and you will stop the darkness from destroying your dream.

I cannot guarantee what results you will achieve, as each gift of grace is offered by The Treasure Map based upon what you have forgiven within. Simply continue to knock on the door of darkness within until it opens to the truth of light that offers the good dream in time.

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