The Mind Map

Concealed within you is the right mind of wholeness and holiness where happiness resides. Free from the shadows of sin, guilt, and fear you will give up your call to be pained and punished.

Body Love
The Treasure Map

 Each Purchase Offers:

  • Meditation
  • Meditation Transcript
  • Giftbook
  • True Prayer
  • Workbook

* True healing is made via practical application not theology alone. Always listen to the inner voice so the shift from terror to truth does not induce more fear. 
* Mental illness & punishing addiction belongs to the wrong mind of ego thinking. You must find your way to the right mind where the true & positive Thoughts You share with God reside.

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The Resurrection Mini-Course
  • The Hurtful Violation Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The Hurtful Violation Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The Healing Betrayal Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The Peaceful Power True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM Explained: Manual for Teachers
    28. What is the Resurrection?
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The Separation Mini-Course

  • The¬†Traumatic Grief¬†Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The Traumatic Grief Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The Shocked Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Stand in the Light True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM Explained: Manual for Teachers
    29. As for the Rest
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The Stressed & Depressed Mini-Course

  • The¬†Dark Depression Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The¬†Dark Depression Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The Super Stressed Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Positive Feels True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM Explained: Manual for Teachers
    18. How is Correction Made?
Right Surgery


The Right-Minded Psychology Mini-Course
  • The¬†Good Gut Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The¬†Good Gut Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Right Intuition Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Right Psychology True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM Explained: Manual for Teachers
    21. What is the Role of Words in Healing?
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The Believe Me Mini-Course

  • The¬†Believe Me Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The Believe Me Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Trust Within Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Self-Belief True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM Explained: Manual for Teachers
    11. How is Peace Possible in This World?
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The Christmas Miracle Mini-Course
  • The¬†Christmas Collection¬†Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The¬†Christmas Collection Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Holiday Miracle Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Christmas Revelation¬†True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM Explained: Manual for Teachers
    23. Does Jesus Have a Special Place in Healing?
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The Embarrassed & Humiliated Mini-Course
  • The¬†Awful Embarrassed¬†Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The¬†Awful¬†Embarrassed Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Sad Humiliation¬†Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Extend Respect True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM: Manual for Teachers
    19. What is Justice?
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The People Curse Mini-Course
  • The¬†Bad People Curse Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The¬†Bad People Curse Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Small-Minded People Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Best People True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM: Manual for Teachers
    13. What is the Real Meaning of Sacrifice?
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The Holiday Heaven Mini-Course
  • The¬†Great Holiday¬†Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
  • The¬†Great Holiday Meditation Transcript (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Good Holiday Treasure Map Giftbook (90+ minutes)
  • The¬†Holiday News True Prayer (10 minutes)
  • ACIM: Manual for Teachers
    20. What is the Peace of God?
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Truforgiveness Teaching

How to be truly helpful to All...

You have the power within to move mountains, but you must undo your allegiance to the separate self of ego-identification to find the right mind of peace and love that has access to the Oneness of Perfect Love (God). Do not be content to believe you are the story of suffering that you move through. Continue to truly forgive all and you will become a miracle itself, as you remember your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 

If you, or someone that you know, is suffering through illness of the mind, begin to draw up your treasure maps by removing the shadows of sin that keep the right mind concealed. This undoes the guilt within the subconscious which is what seeks the ways of pain & punishment. 

You do not need to be a helpless victim of the world of form. I have found my way through the darkness of the ego-mind to find the light of truth (Oneness) that offers true healing. Mentally go within, truly forgiving every barrier to the awareness of love's presence for all you see and find and you too will become a miracle, by returning your awareness to the mind of perfect peace and luscious love.