The Lovely Treasure Hunt

Do not limit love to those special relationships of the heart, mind and body. Until you love every part of your life, you have true healing into wholeness to do. What the ego tells you that you need is not true, for hidden deep within you is a well of Oneness that eases every lack, limitation, or lovelessness you experience.

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Hidden within you is the truth of Perfect Love that will ease the suffering. You are not part, you are whole, but you must locate the right mind that knows of peace and love that offers the happy dream in time.


Up to eleven Treasure Map Giftbooks:

Lost Love
Judgment & Attack
Love & Support
Perfect Love
BONUS Giftbook: Friendship

15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice
Extra Bonuses Include: Videos, ACIM explained (Chapter 8 – VI. The Treasure of God), music melodies, The Love Time Treasure Map Meditation (30+ minutes) and more

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Barchi F (Canada)

"I loved it more than I can describe. It guided me and let me explore my truth and provided healing and insights I didn’t know I needed."

Love is of Oneness, not Separateness

The love you seek to know is not part, it is whole. It would never harm or hurt you, for its goodness lies in grace. The truth of Perfect Love is within you right now, underneath the darkness in the subconscious mind that covers the truth of innocence for All. This is to where The Treasure Map takes you, from the place of ego separation to the well of wholeness that has been hidden within



One Month of Truforgiveness Practice

Up to eleven treasure map giftbooks

At least 15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice

Bonus gifts: ACIM explained, music melodies, meditation and more

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The Love You Seek to Know is What You are in Truth

The ego spins the tale that you need another to complete you, this is because it does not want you to remember your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self: the being of Perfect Love. For the reign of the ego will be over. The ego is powered by your belief in it. Learn to withdraw this misperception, by 'forgiving within' and you will locate the right mind that is home to peace and love. It is from here you share the thoughts with God, as you extend the truth of innocence without. By giving up your allegiance to separateness and specialness, you will welcome in the happy dream that is home to the innocent Mind.

What you hate is what you need to truly forgive. If you started to mentally chip away at this, over time you would discover a well of love within that will cushion and comfort when the ego illusion of sin, guilt, and fear begins to spin. Your safety and security is found within, not without, and all you need to do to reclaim this is to remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence, which is what The Treasure Map does.

What you do not love is also what you need to truly forgive. If you spent time each day dedicated to undoing the darkness within your mind, you will locate the love you seek. Extend this outwards and love the life you seem to be living, as you head towards spiritual awakening. 

Dedicate one hour a day to your Truforgiveness practice and you will see miracles be made as time moves forward.

Whilst each hunt includes ten treasure maps, to ensure you remove as many shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time, here you will have eleven. With numerous giftbooks to complete, you will certainly change the ego script you were set to face around love. For you see without what is within. When you clean this up, you brighten the picture in the illusion of time. I suggest you complete one treasure map giftbook every three days and move through the inward meditation on the days in between.

Whilst the true treasure you need to seek and find is the doorway that leads to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, this can take some time. Until you have undone the outer shadows that seek to hide the truth from you. The more you continue to go within, truly forgiving the darkness you uncover, the greater the chance you will have to find the eye of a needle that leads from illusion to reality. Reality being the Oneness of Perfect Love you share with God. Until then, enjoy the gifts that are granted by your honest and authentic offering of Truforgiveness.

What will you find in The Lovely Treasure Hunt? What is the gift The Treasure Map wishes to grant to you? The journey of forgiving within may be difficult at times, as you uncover the hidden hate and secret sin that you have buried within, but the release from fear is miraculous. Honestly, if you want to be loved, you must find it within in order to see it outward. 

The Treasure Map Giftbooks

Treasure Map 1


All addiction represents a lack of love. Do not limit addiction to drugs & alcohol or food & sex. You might be addicted to dysfunctional relationships or a partner from the past you cannot move on from. 

Treasure Map 3


What are you hungry for? What needs within are not being met? When you remove the veil of guilt that covers the truth of Perfect Love within, you come to see that you need nothing for you are whole in love. 

Treasure Map 3

Lost Love

Was there someone that you have loved but have lost in some manner? Remember, they are not the body, but the being of Perfect Love. Deep within you is the connection to All and it teaches you that no act of love can ever be wasted. 

Treasure Map 4


Where have you hidden your hate for another? Just because you have buried it, does not mean it has gone. You drag this around with you, which distorts the truth of love that is here for the innocent Mind. 

Treasure Map 5


When you come to see that it was a mistake to be truly forgiven, not a sin to be punished, you let go of the guilt within that seeks for ways to hurt you. Give up guilt to know grace and welcome love into your life. 

Treasure Map 6

Judgment & Attack

Whom have you judged harshly? Was it another or yourself? Judgment and attack is a choice for the ego, but when you undo this, by placing your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, miracles happen.

The Truforgiveness Journal: Gratitude Gifts

Love & Support

It is time for you to know love and support and when you find it within you will see it without. For what is within is projected outwards. This is why Truforgiveness is miraculous, as it cleans up the shadows of your mind.

Treasure Map 8

Perfect Love

You are the being of Perfect Love, not the body born to die. The more right-minded that you become, the happier the dream in time you shall experience. 

Treasure Map 9


This is the foundation upon which Perfect Love is experienced. It has nothing to do with the body and the special love the ego offers. If you do not have trust you have nothing. Trust the voice within and you will know love. 

Treasure Map 10


The ego teaches that you are part and you must search for your other half, another lie the ego spins. You are the wholeness of holiness, Perfect Love, that is buried deep within underneath the layers of guilt you run from. 

Bonus Treasure Map


For those who complete a review of this course, you will be gifted with a BONUS treasure map giftbook. What does friendship mean to you? What will you allow yourself to accept? Are you being your own best friend?

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Do not try to consciously control someone and will them to love you. This will never turn out well. If you feel that there is someone you cannot live without, start to truly forgive them, for I guarantee, there is darkness within that needs to be healed between you. True love lets go, it never holds on. For it knows it cannot ever be parted. Remember, you have within you a well of Perfect Love that has been hidden from your awareness. So truly forgive the fear within to find the love you think you have lost.

Many years ago, someone from my past came chasing me down. I felt the spiritual pull for months before he showed up on the level of form. It was to be a spiritual attack, and because I still harbored grievances of guilt within I was pulled into his web. Do not do this to another. It is against free will. As I mentioned, if you dearly want someone, truly forgive them. If they are meant for you they will come back, for true love cannot be parted.

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