The Fare Treasure Hunt

How you relate to food is based upon what you think within. Do not be content to accept the ego-script in time, and the problems it offers, for there is a way out of the dark and into the light, and The Treasure Map makes it so. Purify your thinking and alter the experience of form you were set to face.

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Food is not the enemy for the cause is always within. If you choose to overeat or not eat, these are simply ways you choose to punish yourself. When you find the truth of love within, your eating will become light and lovely instead of dark and depressing.


Up to Eleven Treasure Map Giftbooks:

Forgiving Food
The Regret of Waste
Feed Yourself Fabulously
Food Dissatisfaction
The Price of Perfection
The Place of Peace
The Choice for Opportunity
The Goodness Within
The Love Satisfaction
The Remembrance of Perfect Love
BONUS Giftbook: Balanced Eating

15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice

PLUS Beautiful Bonuses:
The Food Addiction Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes)
ACIM Explained (Lesson 222)
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What You Can Find Within...


The Peace of Food

Make peace with food and give up the fight, by truly forgiving everything. If you overeat, truly forgive this by withdrawing the shadows. If you refuse to eat, truly forgive this as well, by 'forgiving within'. If you do not have access to clean and good food, begin to truly forgive this as well. Allow The Treasure Map to find a way through your problems to the peace within, as she seeks to balances your food fare.



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Up to 11 treasure map giftbooks (journaling)

At least 15+ hours of Truforgiveness journaling practice

Bonus gifts: ACIM explained (Lesson 222), The Food Addiction Treasure Map Meditation (60+ minutes), videos, music melodies and more

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Food is the Effect, it is Not the Cause

Your relationship with food represents what is going on within you. If you love yourself, you will extend this love outwards and make healthy, loving food choices that will support and sustain you. However, if you are filled with forms of darkness such as self-hatred, anger, rage or even not believing you are deserving, then this might be reflected in what you consume. Depending upon where the shadows of the sin of separation land for you. Do not judge this, simply undo it, by 'forgiving within' and miracles will happen, as you return your thinking to peace and love. 

For too long we have allowed the script in time to define who we are. Yet in truth we are not what we move through. They are the lessons, not the definition. Some people are cleaning up the shadows of failure, some are undoing the belief in sickness, whilst some are undoing the hidden hate and secret sin that we all have buried within. 

Do not be defined by the lessons you are moving through, as we cannot wake to our perfect, peaceful, powerful Self until every dark stone of the belief in sin has been undone and the truth of innocence for All been restored to our sleeping Mind. It is time for us to come together, and to clean up the dark shadows as they appear before us. Whether someone is cleaning up toxic food, lack of availability of food, the price of food, refusal to eat, or overeating, they are just part of the call for punishment we harbor deep within. Let us unite, not by definition, but by the recognition that separation is not true. 

Whilst each hunt includes ten treasure maps, to ensure you remove as many shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time, each treasure hunt includes added bonuses. With numerous giftbooks (journaling) to complete, you will certainly change the ego script you were set to face around your eating. For it is your thoughts that are projected without. When you clean up within, you brighten the picture in the illusion of time. I would suggest you complete a giftbook every three days, so the shifts are not too great for you to process.

Whilst the true treasure you need to seek and find is the doorway that leads to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, this can take some time. Until you have undone the outer shadows that seek to hide the truth from you. The more you continue to go within, truly forgiving the darkness you uncover, the greater the chance you will have to find the eye of a needle that leads from illusion to reality. Reality being the Oneness of Perfect Love you share with God. Until then, enjoy the gifts that are granted by your honest and authentic offering of Truforgiveness.

Whatever the issue is that you face with food, start to truly forgive it all, and over time, you will swap this problem for peace and enjoy the goodness of food that is on offer for the healed mind. The Treasure Map will never take you to extremes with food, for that is not loving and kind. She will balance you in the ways of Perfect Love, little by little, so as to not engender fear.

The Treasure Map Giftbooks - Journaling

Treasure Map 1

Forgiving Food

What is within is projected outwards. If you are angry within, then it will be very difficult to love the food you consume. This means that you would eat foods that are void of love, such as highly processed food. 

Treasure Map 3

The Regret of Waste

What do you waste with food? How do you destroy it? Where does your regret sit within? How have you punished yourself with food and are you open to having a new relationship with it? 

Treasure Map 3

Feed Yourself Fabulously

What foods could you eat that you will love and they will love you? How can food be a source of pleasure for you, instead of pain? What do you feed yourself, including the thoughts you think within? 

Treasure Map 4

Food Dissatisfaction

What are you hungry for? Where do you feel let down? The dissatisfaction with food comes from this thought within. When you change it, it corrects the projection in the world of form, including your behavior. 

Treasure Map 5

The Price of Perfection

The ego will never be perfect, so when you try to find perfection in something that was born from the belief in sin, misery is what awaits you. Find perfection in the right mind and become happy in the dream of time. 

Treasure Map 6

The Place of Peace

You can have peace with what you eat. When you learn to extend it outwards, for what is within is what you seem to experience in the dream of time. Plate up peace and nourish yourself from within. 

The Truforgiveness Journal: Gratitude Gifts

The Choice for Opportunity

Every moment becomes a chance to choose again. If you are not at peace and loving the food you eat, withdraw the shadows that land upon it, to reveal the truth of love that will please instead of punish. 

Treasure Map 8

The Goodness Within

When you find goodness within, you will see this without. This means that you will reach for foods that are good for you, not bad. Remember, do not judge the story, withdraw the shadows until grace prevails. 

Treasure Map 9

The Love Satisfaction

Love is satisfying, it is fear that is not. If you want to be satisfied with the food you eat, you consume foods that are nourishing and satisfying to the senses. To do this, you must find this truth within.  

Treasure Map 10

The Remembrance of Perfect Love

When you remember Perfect Love, no longer will food be used to pain you, for you have given up the belief in sin, which is what seeks for ways to punish. Food isn't the problem, it is what is within you that is. 

Bonus Treasure Map

BONUS: Balanced Eating

For those that complete a review of this course, you will be gifted a BONUS treasure map giftbook. What do you need to balance within? What are you struggling to achieve?

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This material should not replace what your treating doctor/s suggest. If you have been diagnosed with allergies, please do not complete The Treasure Map and then decide you are free from them. Please be rational and if you have a medical illness, follow your specialists advice as you find peace with those food related problems.

You will be asked to look at the pain within and truly forgive this, for the peace of Perfect Love that heals has been concealed underneath the darkness within. Do not fear this. Trust The Treasure Map to lead you through the darkness to the light. This is where your true happiness sits.

As this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on this purchase.