The Challenges

If you are ready to dive in and undo fear to remember love, then allow The Treasure Map Challenges to heal an aspect of your life. Do not limit healing to the body, for the true meaning of healing is the release from fear. What will you be challenged to let go of?

The Coronavirus Treasure Challenge

Coronavirus & Wholeness


The Wealthy Treasure Challenge

Winning Formula


The Government Benefits Treasure Challenge

Government Payment


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The Healthy Treasure Challenge



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The Green Thumb Challenge

Plant Love


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The Rejected Treasure Challenge



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The Respectful Five Day Challenge



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The Rewarding Five Day Challenge



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The Wealthy Treasure Challenge



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Your Challenge:

If you could have a miracle right now, what would it be? You see, what you struggle with projects from the thoughts you think within. When you purify your thinking, by the miracle of The Treasure Map, true healing and deep transformation take place. 

Your function is to simply remove every barrier to the awareness of love's presence within, for it is the shadows of the sin of separation that cover the truth of your being Perfect Love. Mentally clean within with Truforgiveness and the story in time begins to sparkle and shine, for projection makes perception. 

"This is a REAL programme! Excellent. It took me a couple of hours to do the money segment even though I have done a heap of forgiveness already." - Ron S

You see, this is no ordinary Forgiveness, this is God's Forgiveness, which is called Truforgiveness and makes miracles happen!