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The Treasure Map Challenges


What Can You Expect?

  • Shorter Course
  • One to Two Weeks 
  • True Healing
  • Thought purified

* True healing is made via practical application not theology alone. Always listen to the inner voice so the shift from terror to truth does not induce more fear. You are responsible for taking care of yourself. So stop blaming, stat truly forgiving and you will let go of guilt to discover grace: Perfect Love.

Body Movement


Good Enough

Discover the truth of your being good enough from the right mind of wholeness & holiness

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Right Surgery


The Truforgiveness Journal

Discover the divine guidance you seek about your work, for the answers are within

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Body Movement


Winning Formula

When you let go of guilt you will stop seeking for ways to hurt and harm yourself

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Your Challenge

If you could have a miracle right now what would it be? What you struggle with projects from the thoughts you think within. When you purify your thinking, by the miracle of The Treasure Map, true healing and deep transformation takes place. 

Your function is to simply remove every barrier to the awareness of love's presence within, for it is the shadows of the sin of separation that cover the truth of your being Perfect Love. Mentally clean within with Truforgiveness and the story in time begins to sparkle and shine, for projection makes perception. 

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Noora K
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Cynthia M

The Challenges

Each challenge will be different. Offering a selection of transcripts to journal, giftbooks to dive into or inward meditations to complete. What you will find in each challenge will be explained on the checkout page. 

Truforgiveness Teaching

Truth be told, the 'I Am' principle belongs to the right mind to where The Treasure Map takes you. If you are still uncertain as to what The Treasure Map is... she dissolves the darkness that covers your light. When you reclaim the right mind you will know and not perceive. And when you have dissolved all the darkness within the subconscious mind you will put down the 'I Forgive' principle to reunite with the Thoughts You share with God, where your being Perfect Love is real. This is from where the 'I Love' principle and 'I Am' principle is fact.

To change your mind is not to consciously control thinking but to purify what you think from false to true that precedes knowledge.