The Bullied Treasure Hunt

Bullying is not the problem, rather it is what is hidden within you. Find the truth of Perfect Love and fear cannot be felt. When you no longer see yourself as small and nothing, you will reclaim the power of wholeness that protects in time. The true bully is the ego-mind that tells you that you are unworthy of being everything You are in truth: perfect, peaceful and powerful.

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When you reclaim the truth of Perfect Love within, no matter what someone projects upon you, fear cannot be felt. The power that this true healing offers is incredible, for no longer do you need to duck and weave for you know there is nothing to be afraid of.


Up to Eleven Treasure Map Giftbooks:

Truly Forgive To Free
Strength in Oneness
Darkness Depression
Hurt & Harmed
BONUS Giftbook: Deservingness

15+ hours of Truforgiveness practice

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ACIM Explained (Chapter 22 – VI. The Light of the Holy Relationship), The Letting Go Treasure Map Meditation (30+ minutes), videos and more

See What's Inside...



"Do not judge the crime, but truly forgive, and as you remove the log from your eye, you remove the thorn from your side."

What exactly does this mean? It means that when you stop projecting what is within you, which represents the log, you will remove the pain inside that hurts and harms... some aspect of the belief in separation from Source.

The cause is within, so you must utilize the shadows seen in time to undo them to remember the truth of love that has been concealed from your awareness. This is how you truly heal and make miracles.

Bullying is a Shadow of Suffering...

Whether it is you that is being bullied, you find yourself being the bully, or you are looking to dive into this hunt to assist the true healing for someone close to you that is suffering under this shadow, miracles happen when you 'forgive within'. Learn to undo the call for punishment and the picture in time adjusts as well. As what is within is seen without.



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Up to Eleven (11) treasure map giftbooks

15+ hours of Truforgiveness journaling practice

Bonus gifts: ACIM explained, music melodies, meditation, videos & more

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Truly Forgive The Shadows To Become Untouchable In Time.

In truth, the attack you see in another is what is within you that is experienced outwards. All from the belief that you are sinful of attacking God and making your own kingdom without Him. I know that this might seem far-fetched but I have experienced this truth myself. However, if someone had tried to tell me this when I was shaking, clearly distraught, it would have meant nothing to me. What I do know is that fear is in the person's mind. It has nothing to do with the level of form. Clear away the fear and the effects begin to change. Do not think that you are helpless or powerless to change this experience. When you give up the call for punishment the picture in time corrects. Whilst I cannot guarantee how this looks, I know that miracles do happen with Truforgiveness. 

The problem is always within the mind. When you undo the fear, the truth of Perfect Love extends outwards and where Perfect Love exists, fear cannot enter. Whilst others might continue to project darkness your way, you will no longer be bothered by it. This is true healing, remembering the wholeness of holiness that keeps you safe and secure in time.

For example, you might think you are working on bullying, but when you dive into the treasure maps you find that you are truly forgiving your self-esteem. It would then be this The Treasure Map is correcting for you. You must trust The Treasure Map as she knows what she is doing. She will be gifting you the treasure that you are in need of the most.

Each treasure hunt includes at least ten treasure map giftbooks. To ensure you remove as many shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time. There are added bonuses that offer a month's worth of Truforgiveness practice as well. And along with your Truforgiveness Prescription you will have my assistance as you move through this shadow of suffering in time.

Whilst the true treasure you need to seek and find is the doorway that leads to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self, this can take some time. Until you have undone the outer shadows that seek to hide the truth from you. The more you continue to go within, truly forgiving the darkness you uncover, the greater the chance you will have to find the eye of a needle that leads from illusion to reality. Reality being the Oneness of Perfect Love You share with God. Until then, enjoy the gifts that are granted by your honest and authentic offering of Truforgiveness.

When you find the truth of Perfect Love within, you will no longer see yourself as being attacked. You will instead see a call for love. The Treasure Map corrects your perception moving you from fear to love. It is time to stop fighting the ego which is what keeps us in the grip of fear. Undo the shadows and let us unite to remember who we are: perfect, peaceful and powerful.

If you are in danger, make sure you reach out to someone to help you. Allow the inner voice to guide your way. Take care of yourself, for You are more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

The Treasure Map Giftbooks

Treasure Map 1

Truly Forgive To Free

What you do not forgive you chain yourself to. Thus it follows, if you want to become free from this lesson in bullying, truly forgive all the shadows to walk free from fear.

Treasure Map 3


Those that bully are afraid, yet those that see themselves as bullied are fearful as well. Undo the shadows of darkness for every mistake you have made & love will lift you above the battleground.

Treasure Map 3

Strength In Oneness

The strength of Perfect Love is within you, hidden underneath the layers of sin, guilt, and fear (ego-identification). Mentally dig within to find the wholeness of holiness that keeps you safe & secure.

Treasure Map 4

Darkness Depression

You cannot get to the light that is within you without backtracking through the darkness, for it covers the truth of Perfect Love. Do not judge the story, truly forgive it to find your way back to the holiness of love to heal you. 

Treasure Map 5


Who/what you are frightened of is who you have not truly forgiven. Once you release the attack thoughts, fear becomes impossible. Do not sit in the effect of fear, truly forgive and miracles will be made. Escape is possible.

Treasure Map 6

Hurt & Harmed

When you decide to stop hurting & harming yourself others will as well, as what is within is seen without. Every seeming separate self has a call for punishment, otherwise, we would not be here. Our true function is to undo fear to remember love, Perfect Love. 

The Truforgiveness Journal: Gratitude Gifts


Do not allow the ego to intimidate you into believing you are nothing, no good & worthless. You are the being of Perfect Love that must awaken to their true Self.

Treasure Map 8


When you come to see the bully that is in your mind, it becomes easier to practice forgiving within. It is the ego that punishes you, nothing else, so give it up to find the right mind of peace and love. 

Treasure Map 9


When you stop attacking yourself, others will as well. As what is within is seen without. By undoing the guilt of sin you will find the truth of love that will lift you out of the darkness & into the light. The happy dream that is safe & secure.

Treasure Map 10


How bullying looks for you (hurtful words, trolling, physical abuse, being ignored, etc.) will be based upon what you think within. Stop bullying yourself by truly forgiving every shadow and true healing & miracles will happen.

Bonus Treasure Map


For those who complete a review of this course, you will be gifted with a BONUS treasure map giftbook. What do you deserve to receive? How do you deserve to be treated?

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If you are being bullied and you are afraid for your life, please reach out to someone locally that you can trust. I would suggest you start to truly forgive it, but put those boundaries in place to assist you as you move through the dark to find the light. Do not give up on yourself. You are worthy and deserving of being saved, for You are the Child of God.

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