The Direction Meditations

Welcome to your beautiful bundle of treasure map meditations that will be helpful to offer you direction in life. To find your true direction that makes you healthy and happy you must find the right mind within, where your true voice can be found. The ego-mind will never make you happy, for happiness belongs to wholeness and the ego-mind is home to the belief in separation.

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Your Month of Miracles...

You will have sixteen inward meditations to complete in this beautiful bundle. This will purify your thinking by the time you complete them. This is very important, as what is hidden deep within is what you see on the level of form. So when you dissolve the darkness in the subconscious, with The Treasure Map, you stop seeing lack, loss, and limitation without. Ideally, complete an inward meditation daily for eight days, then take a two day break. Repeat the process, of another eight meditations, then take two days break. Complete a review of this mini-course to receive your transcripts of each set of the 8 meditations to journal your way from fear to love. As you gain true direction in your life by redesigning your right-minded dream and your Truforgiveness Vision. 

However, The Treasure Map Meditations can be purchased individually, simply keep scrolling to see what you might find inside. Bonus gifts are not included in the individual sale.

Belief Correction

Find My Way

Good Direction

Happy Travel

Let's Go Up

Road Ahead

Step Behind God

Bonus: Transcripts to Journal (14+ hrs)

Bonus: ACIM Explained

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The Belief Correction Treasure Map Meditation
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The Find My Way Treasure Map Meditation
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The Good Direction Treasure Map Meditation
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The Happy Travel Treasure Map Meditation
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The Let's Go Up Treasure Map Meditation
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The Road Ahead Treasure Map Meditation
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The Step Behind God Treasure Map Meditation
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The Enlightening Direction Treasure Map Meditation
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16 Treasure Map Meditations


12 hrs of inward meditation

Eight Treasure Map Meditations:
Belief Correction, Find My Way, Good Direction, Happy Travels, Let's Go Up, Road Ahead, Step Behind God, Enlightening Direction

*Each meditation comes in both a 30-minute and 60-minute format, offering 16 inward meditations in total.

Plus: Complete your Truforgiveness Vision based upon what direction you uncovered at the base of the maps you place upon the altar to God

Bonus Gifts: ACIM explained (Chapter 8 – II. The Difference between Imprisonment and Freedom), 30+ minutes of Truforgiveness Teaching and for those that complete a review the sets of 30-questions to journal your maps as well. The journaling offers around twelve (12) hours of Truforgiveness practice

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The Treasure Map Meditation...

Each treasure map meditation includes a series of 30-questions to guide you deeper into the darkness of the subconscious mind. This true way to forgive, which takes you from the wrong mind to the right, requires you to look upon your darkness, truly forgive it to free it. By the time you complete your map your thinking has been corrected from fear to love and you will locate the peaceful and kind thoughts You share with God. This is how you begin to build your home upon the rock of Perfect Love. The hero's journey is about making the crossing from the wrong mind (separation and specialness) to the right mind (sameness and spirit) that leads to One-mindedness, awakening.


"You must learn to mentally dig through the darkness within that covers the truth of your being Perfect Love. When you locate this light of holiness within, the veil of guilt that distorted your sight is removed and where you were once lost and alone you have now been found. For You have remembered your true Self that is everything, not nothing."