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True spiritual teachings belongs to the right mind of wholeness & holiness. For this mind of revelation is still in constant communication with God.

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 True Learning

To truly learn is to not simply read text, although this can provide a roadmap. However, if you read theology from the wrong mind of ego thinking then you will interpret via the thought system of judgment and attack. Thus, your teacher is the ego and not God. To know the truth of God you must locate the right mind and learn via revelation, which is not open to ego interpretation. For God does not share the same thought system of the ego; they are mutually exclusive.


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The Treasure Map Miracle

A PDF download introducing ACIM via The Treasure Map 

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The Gifts Revealed

This eBook will take you deep into The Gifts of Truforgiveness

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The Right Truth

This eBook reveals the truth of Perfect Love via FAITH

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The Right-Minded Principles

The 50 Principles of Miracles (ACIM) explained via the right mind

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The Truforgiveness Bible

All you need to know about Truforgiveness 

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Truforgiveness Teaching 

There are two thought systems. Gods and the egos. Whilst you are still bound to ego thinking, which is like a prison you need to escape, you interpret truth via the wrong mind that seeks to teach you its own. This mind of separation and specialness deceives you. It teaches you stories about God and yourself that are simply not true. For the ego cannot know God, for God knows sameness whilst the ego perceives separateness.

I truly learned because God taught me how to undo the ego-mind to reclaim the right mind. What you read in the work of The Treasure Map has been written from the right mind of revelation. It will provide you with a framework, but you must complete your treasure maps to dissolve the darkness that covers the right mind of truth and trust, healing and happiness, peace and positivity, and wholeness and holiness. Reclaim the right mind and you too will welcome in the happy dream in time.