Theology is the road, forgiving within the way...
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Theology to Revelation...
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Forgive Within not Merely Without


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Theology provides a roadmap to truth, but the wrong mind of ego thinking will never know truth. For the ego is built upon the idea of separation and truth belongs to sameness, Perfect Love.


The Treasure Map Miracle

A 23 page PDF that lightly introduces you to A Course in Miracles and what the words mean in truth



The Right-Minded Principles

A 77 page PDF that takes you through The 50 Principles of Miracles via the right mind of revelation




Discover A Course in Miracles the way that I did by changing your mind from the wrong to the right

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Revelation is granted via practical application not theology alone. You must learn to change your mind from the wrong to the right to discover truth yourself. Otherwise, you will take truth and interpret it from the wrong mind of ego thinking. This is thus not knowledge, it is perception.


You are everything not nothing


Your teaching device through time


True reality belongs to Perfect Love

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