The Mastery of Right Mind

Over 12-months, The Treasure Map will enlighten you on true spiritual teachings as you let go of fear to find love. Whilst you redesign your right-minded dream to remember your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self and build upon the rock of Perfect Love that is connected to the golden light within.


Welcome to Enlightenment

Here, you will get to redesign your right-minded dream, based upon love, not fear. You can change your life, even if you are not interested in enlightenment, by changing your mind from fear to love you will change the events of form you were meant to move through.

It is not always easy to look upon your darkness that covers the truth of the golden light of Perfect Love. However, it is well worth it, as you give up guilt to know God's grace. 

We are the same in truth. The only difference in time is that I have begun to undo the ego-mind. I get to sit in the right mind of peace and love, which is what offers the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. It is from here, the wholeness of holiness, that I teach spiritual truths to dispel the fabrication the ego sells. For example, the ego tells you that to awaken is to become conscious of the body, the foods you eat, spreading love and doing good in the world. All of these continue to make real the life of the body and the dream in time.

To be enlightened is to undo the ego-mind that teaches separation from Source is possible. And one way to do this is by placing your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God - which is within you. 

The Curriculum
In the first month you will get to dive into different aspects of your life in time to begin to clear the path from pain to peace, fear to love, and lack to abundance. Once you have a clear picture of what the right mind wills for you, you will dive into the three modules of unlearning fear to know love: 

1) The Gifts of Truforgiveness
2) The Masters
3) Mastering Self-Love

Each module comes with a bonus treasure hunt and over the course of the year, you will complete more than 100 treasure map giftbooks/meditations. You have no idea of just how much your picture in time will change as you move through this enlightening course. By the time you complete it, you would have begun to shift your thinking from wrong-mindedness which is judgment and attack, to right-mindedness which is peace and love. 

I will offer the true teachings of Jesus and what he meant. You see, Jesus taught from the right mind, so, if you are in the wrong mind of ego-identification you cannot know what he meant. 

Whilst this course is the first year of the Teacher Training program to become a Truforgiveness Healer, you do not need to be interested in true healing as a career to do this course. If you are looking to truly heal and transform, open to correcting your thinking from fear to love, and ready to invest in yourself, then this enlightenment course is here to save you from suffering. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. 

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The Gifts
Become intimately acquainted with the 26 gifts that will motivate you to 'forgive within'. From Abundance, Blessing & Confidence to eXcellence, Yearning & Zest, you are asked to give up nothing and will be granted everything. All you can give up is the misperception of ego fear and it is nothing, for it is not even true. 

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The Masters
It is here you will dive deep into this spiritual-psychology that alters the gradients of ego-self that shapes the dream in time that you experience. Dive into esteem, worth, belief, love, trust & confidence as you edge closer to the truth of wholeness that the guilt within keeps hidden from your awareness. Here you will find the happiness you crave. 

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Mastering Self-Love
You will have learned that true prayer leads to the power prayer, or in other words, 'I forgive leads to I love.' Here, you will begin to plant those seeds of security and find your foundation in love and not fear. Put down the 'I Forgive' principle and let 'I Love' lead you in the ways of the wholeness of holiness that is your truth as the being of Perfect Love. 


Design Your Right-Minded Dream

You are perfect, peaceful and powerful. But whilst you cherish the small separate self of ego-identification you cannot know this.

In this enlightenment course, you will not only transform fear by truly forgiving it to return to love, but you will come to learn deep spiritual truths taught to you by revelation through The Treasure Map, which is not open to ego interpretation. 

I would love the opportunity to guide you deep within, through the darkness that frightens you to show you where you had hidden your light. We will work hard to dissolve the darkness that keeps your brightness at bay. 

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Ready to redesign your right-minded dream?

The miracle of The Treasure Map is a form of self-awareness. She does not seek to reinforce the belief in the ego-mind, bur rather to undo it. And locate the right mind that is peace and love. This is true enlightenment, for you have dissolved the darkness within to find the light of Perfect Love that knows and does not perceive. But you must change your mind! The ego will never be enlightened for it was born from the belief in sin, the idea you are sinful of separating from Source.

The Unlearning to Remember

Whilst you can go at your own pace, The Enlightenment Course will teach you all you need to know about The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle. It offers deep spiritual truths and real understanding of what Jesus has said.

For example, when Jesus said he was on the right side of God, he meant that he had found the right mind that is One with God, where the truth of Perfect Love resides. When you decide to walk your own path, that of the ego-self, you will experience death and decay, for you have made the body your home, not Heaven - Oneness with Perfect Love. Thus, you believe in the misperception of sin, guilt, and fear and you shall burn in hell, for it is the guilt within that seeks for ways to punish you. This means that you are in the wrong mind, or on the wrong side of God. To burn in hell simply means that you will allow the guilt within to punish you.

All guilt stems from the belief you are sinful of separating from Source. When you 'forgive within' and undo the cause, it corrects the projection in the world of form. What was once dark becomes delightful to you, for you have removed the guilt from your mind that distorts true sight. 

God does not hurt or harm, nor seek vengeance, as He knows you are innocent and all that has happened is that you fell asleep.

By the time you complete this year-long enlightenment course, you will have forgotten fear and remembered love and begun to rearrange the events of form that you were set to experience in all areas of your life.

You see, to be enlightened means to remember the light, which is what Truforgiveness delivers.

This course is also part of the three-year Teacher Training program to become a Truforgiveness Healer.

About T3M

In time to come, everyone will learn about the importance of the right mind and how the true Self is love, not fear. How you must change your mind not by consciously controlling thinking but to move from the wrong mind to the right that offers the health and happiness you seek. Where there is no belief in sin, guilt, or fear, which is what seeks the ways of sickness and suffering. For the ego-mind relates to the body, whilst the right mind knows being, not body.

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About Truforgiveness Therapy

The right mind is located deep within the darkness of the subconscious mind. You must mentally dig deep within with The Treasure Map by following the process of FAITH to move from the belief in separation to the truth of Perfect Love that knows we are the same, not different.