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The True Way Within


To be helped is to reclaim your wholeness that is free from guilt

It is the guilt of sin and separation that conceals your light. Spend time each day truly forgiving the darkness until only love remain.


Finding Clarity

Truly forgive the darkness within to discover the light of Perfect. That is clear, concise and confident.



Deciphering Dreams

Every answer you seek can be found within the right mind of revelation, from where divine guidance is granted.



Light Driven

Allow your purpose and passion from the mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness to guide you through time.



My Story - fix offer

You must learn to truly forgive your story in time to remember the Self that is perfect, peaceful & powerful.



Needing Help - fix offer

Learn to take your problems to God by truly forgive the shadows of separation that keep you calling for punishment.



Healthy Boundary

When you extend the light of the right mind (Perfect Love) you will refuse entry to the projections of your brothers.



Belief Correction

Purified thinking has arrived. That reunites you will the positive mindset of revelation that is also true.



What's the Matter

No matter what is happening, when you take your problems to truth (the right mind) you swap pain for peace.



Purified Thinking

Correct what you think from false perception to true that leads to knowledge, and you will not be lost but found.



I Love My Job

When you extend the light of Perfect Love on your work the picture without will change from punished to pleasing.



Release Stuck

When stuck continue to truly forgive the barriers, until it becomes safe, secure and successful for you to move.




Who or what you seek to be released from is what you must truly forgive to unchain from. 


ACIM W-pI.40.2. "You need not close your eyes for the exercise periods, although you will probably find it more helpful if you do. 2 However, you may be in a number of situations during the day when closing your eyes would not be feasible. 3 Do not miss a practice period because of this. 4 You can practice quite well under any circumstances, if you really want to."

A Course in Miracles is seeking to teach you to truly forgive. This can be done with your eyes open or closed. It does not matter. Honestly, when you become friends with The Treasure Map, by completing the mind-correction of the FAITH of God, you will not only become truly helpful to All, but you will receive help yourself. For you will begin to automatically 'forgive within' whenever peace has been lost. It is this change of mind from the wrong to the right that saves from suffering. For it stops you from continuing to project the belief in separation from Source that conceals the light of God's Holy Love.


It is the belief in sin - the idea that separation from Source is true - that made the mess you find yourself in.


The pain, punishment, and problems you have in time are the shadows of separation that seek sickness.


To suffer is to be in the wrong mind of ego thinking, with your awareness in the brain. 

Truforgiveness Teaching

Joseph Campbell & turning burdens into blessings...
"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.
Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.
The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for.
The damned thing in the cave that was so dreaded has become the center.
You find the jewel, and it draws you off.
In loving the spiritual, you cannot despise the earthly."

How does this relate to The Treasure Map?
Whenever you have a problem or lose peace of mind, you stumble. It becomes your chance to 'forgive within'. Instead of looking without for the answer, you must 'go within', mentally dive deep into the cave of the subconscious that is dark and depressing, as it stores your hidden hates and secret sins.

By following the path of FAITH, which is the process of Truforgiveness, it leads you through the cave of cruelty to find the treasure of Perfect Love that is the treasure you will remember.

The jewel you seek to locate is the pearl of perfection that belongs to knowledge, not perception. When you find the truth of love within, you will extend this outwards and see a peaceful and loving earth. As what is within projects outwards. If you do not like the picture in time that you see, remove the veil of guilt that distorts your sight. One way to do this is via The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle. If you are ready to become free from fear, alter the events of form you were set to face and find the true treasure you seek to remember, then mentally dive into your giftbooks that make miracles happen.

There are many treasures to find along the way and what you 'forgive within' is the treasure that you have found.

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