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What's True

clean within divine guidance truth Jul 09, 2024
What's True

Whilst truth belongs to being not body - that which is complete can have nothing oppose it - you do determine what truth means to you. And I have the perfect example.

Recently someone said to me, "Don't worry, I have missed the boat as well." In fact, I was not worried. For I have been uncovering my treasures within for the past two decades, not focusing on without. I am overflowing with wealth within (peace) that I would not give this up for all the offerings the wrong mind of ego thinking bestows. And I do not believe that I have missed the boat, as I am in the boat waiting for God to depart the dock. For He is in charge of The Treasure Map. I am simply His messenger, His true follower. I do what He wills, when He wills it. So attached to Him I have become, I simply could not exist without Him.

You decide who or what is true to you. Unless you are purifying what you think from the wrong mind to the right, you will be caught in the shadows of separation. Save yourself from suffering by forgiving within and completing your treasure maps. To change your mind from fear to love, Perfect Love.

Now, had I not believed with truth that I was in the boat waiting for God to depart these shores, then perhaps I would have been hurt or harmed by these words. For you give truth the meaning that it has for you. If you have not purified something from fear to love - in this instance self-doubt - then you are open to attack. 

You must seek for truth within. To be led by God and not the wrong mind of ego-identification. In fact, I have another example for you. Last winter I was walking my dogs. Because I am attuned to animal beings, I often know what they want and need. Yes, animals share a telepathic communication, that when you have access to the right mind you can hear what they are seeking. As such, I knew that my dogs did not wish to be rugged on their morning walk. And as God knows All, He knew what was coming for me. A shadow of suffering. Yet, He stood and protected me.

For God came to me one evening to reveal "You are a great pet owner." I smiled within when I heard these words. They came out of left field, for I had not been doubting my friendship with such beings. I silently thanked him. Unsure as to why He even offered such thinking.

A few days later, I was walking in the dark of dawn. I had been well paced for a good 30 minutes, when a man screamed out to me that I was abusing animals. As I did not coat my dogs on this walk. His words were thrown like darts my way, but they could not penetrate where love had been made welcome. For when God revealed that I was a good at the task at hand, knowledge was granted. I thus could not be attacked by false perception.

I share this now with you to show you how to truly heal. For you can only hurt where Perfect Love (knowledge) has not been made welcome. It is your true function to purify what you think from dark to light. As it is mine. I have been walking this way for the past two decades, and I can say, it is absolutely miraculous.

If you seek to be kept safe from harm, then truly forgive the guilt by following the true FAITH of God - The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness - and you too will become saved from sin.

It is time to forgive within... Let's begin.

What is a word that has hurt you? Why do you think this is so?

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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