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What to Forgive

forgiveness healing knowledge Oct 22, 2022
What to forgive?

When you think of forgiveness, do not limit this to being hurt by another, for Truforgiveness teaches that you must undo the darkness within to discover your light. Every opportunity to move from the ego-mind (which is home to darkness) is a chance to remember the Self that God created: the being of Perfect Love. It is thus a gift to truly forgive, for you are being given a way to move from the wrong mind to the right, that precedes spiritual awakening (One-mindedness). For example, one might believe that they need to forgive a cheating partner even though they constantly complain about their weight. What you whinge and whine about is what you must truly forgive. You must correct your thinking from fear to love, and this is what The Treasure Map delivers.

Most recently, I have found myself being dark about menopause. I asked a relative about their experience with it. I then found myself seeking answers through someone else. Still, this morning, I spoke to a lady as to how she managed to traverse menopause without gaining weight. As I then continued to walk, the light flashed through my mind. I was meant to be forgiving with The Treasure Map... menopause.

You might not need to forgive menopause, but pay close attention today to what you find yourself discussing and seeking a solution for. For example, if you are constantly complaining about your finances, then it is money you need to clean up. Or if you find yourself jealous of another's success then you might need to truly forgive your failures. Or if you dearly want and need a life partner, then this is what you must undo with The Treasure Map. To locate the light inside that denies you not your good and great dream in time.

You must learn to stop being defined by the story and instead truly forgive it all. Every grievance you have and place this upon the altar to God within, symbolizing that you will have no other idols of separation before Him. This then allows you to extend light outward, from the right mind, and by changing your thinking (from the wrong to the right) you will change your story of time.

As I start to clean up the shadow of suffering that is menopause, from the dry and itchy skin to the weight gain, what is it you need to clean up? Who or what do you find yourself being negative about? When you undo the darkness within you will stop seeing this without. So clean up your thinking via the purification process of The Treasure Map, and you will find the light within that witnesses to the kind dream in time.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx 

The Treasure Map will change your life. She will save you from suffering to return your thinking to the right mind of peace and love. You will understand spiritual truths via revelation & not ego interpretation.

Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived. It is the true healing you do with God and it makes miracles happen.