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The 3D Hologram

acim awakening healing the treasure map Jan 06, 2021
3D Hologram of the Mind

For those of you that are A Course in Miracles students, The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle is the practical application of the true way to forgive that the Course speaks of but was not explained. Below you will find what the Course mentions about the world of form and through the spiritual sight of The Treasure Map I explain what this means.

ACIM 3. What Is the World?

1. The world is false perception. It is born of error, and it has not left its source. It will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished. When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, will the world be seen in quite another light; and one which leads to truth, where all the world must disappear and all its errors vanish. Now its source has gone, and its effects are gone as well.

The belief that separation from Source is possible is what has given rise to the dream of death in duality. This is the error that the Course is speaking of. Whilst the world of form seems true to the ego-mind, you are not the ego. When you undo the ego by forgiving within, which is what Truforgiveness (True Forgiveness) does, you will move from false perception to true perception, as the veil of guilt is removed from your mind. You see, what you experience is tainted by what you think within. The darker the scars of separation the dirtier the dream in time shall be for you. When you follow the process of FAITH, which is how you truly forgive, you will find where the ego has hidden the belief in separation and by undoing the cause it corrects the effects of form. It teaches you that you are not the body born to die, but the being of Perfect Love that must wake to their perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. No longer are you lost in the effects of form, for you sit in the right mind that offers the happy dream as you prepare to awaken from the nightmare of sin. 

Undo the cause and the dream disappears. In its place is the truth of God: Oneness with Perfect Love. 

2. The world was made as an attack on God. It symbolizes fear. And what is fear except love’s absence? Thus the world was meant to be a place where God could enter not, and where His Son could be apart from Him. Here was perception born, for knowledge could not cause such insane thoughts. But eyes deceive, and ears hear falsely. Now mistakes become quite possible, for certainty has gone.

Certainty belongs to knowledge and to truth. What is separate cannot know, but perceives, and perception is based upon what you think within. It can be corrected, which is what Truforgiveness makes good. God is the truth of Oneness and behind the painted picture of separation that your eyes see and your ears hear is the stillness of Perfect Love. For the world of form is a 3D projection in the sleeping Son's Mind. Fear is the experience of the belief in sin, which projects as guilt and seeks the ways of suffering. 

This world will never be holy for it was made to mock God - the desire to play god yourself with ego thinking. Do not seek perfection here, for perfection belongs to Heaven (Oneness with Perfect Love). Instead, seek to become perfect with Truforgiveness, to withdraw the shadows of suffering and you will swap false perception for true as you give up guilt to know grace. 

3. The mechanisms of illusion have been born instead. And now they go to find what has been given them to seek. Their aim is to fulfill the purpose which the world was made to witness and make real. They see in its illusions but a solid base where truth exists, upheld apart from lies. Yet everything that they report is but illusion which is kept apart from truth.

Truth is hidden deep within you, underneath the layers of sin, guilt, and fear the ego tells you not to look upon. If you learn how to truly forgive by the miracle of Truforgiveness, which is a 5-step process of FAITH, you will move from the belief in separation - which tells you the world of form is your identity - to the knowledge of God that is a solid base of Perfect Love to stand in security, safety, stillness and success. To believe the lies of the ego is to be led by the blind. Do not trust the ego for it deceives and it leads you further into the dream of death in time. For the dream belongs to the ego-mind. You are not the ego. You are the being of Perfect Love that has fallen asleep and believes that separation from Source is true. However, you cannot simply believe this. You must undo every trace of the belief in separation that is hidden within you until all you know is the Oneness of God.

4. As sight was made to lead away from truth, it can be redirected. Sounds become the call for God, and all perception can be given a new purpose by the One Whom God appointed Savior to the world. Follow His light, and see the world as He beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to you. And let Him give you peace and certainty, which you have thrown away, but Heaven has preserved for you in Him.

The Treasure Map is a gift from God that corrects thinking, returning you to truth. Sounds refer to the ego noise that disturbs the truth of your peace that is hidden within the right mind. When peace has been lost it is your sign to get forgiving within to undo ego fear and move from false perception to true perception, which eventually leads to knowledge, awakening from the dream. By correcting what you think within the picture of the world begins to change. I can attest to this. I once saw a dark and depressing world that was being pained and punished. Now that I have corrected my thinking, I see the true beauty that had been hidden behind the belief in sin (separation). 

It is time to clean up the world, as we undo fear to remember love. By moving from the nightmare to the happy dream, we will not only save the world from thousands of years of suffering but slowly and gently allow the world to disappear from where it came - the Son's sleeping Mind.

5. Let us not rest content until the world has joined our changed perception. Let us not be satisfied until forgiveness has been made complete. And let us not attempt to change our function. We must save the world. For we who made it must behold it through the eyes of Christ, that what was made to die can be restored to everlasting life.

Do not follow the curriculum of ego thinking that teaches you to go out into the world to save it. There is no world in truth. To continue to believe in the world is to make true the belief in separation, which is the true cause of every pain and punishment we experience here. However, whilst we believe in the dream of duality, we must clean it up from within, which actually makes it good without. You must clean it up with Truforgiveness, by following the process of FAITH for it removes the entire shadow of suffering that was cast out from the misperception of separation.

There can be no stone of the sin of separation that has not been truly forgiven to become free from in order to wake. Yet, as you clean within, the world of form begins to clean and be made new, for it stems from the sleeping Mind. 

I would love to introduce you to the true way to forgive that makes miracles happen, and I have created a subsidized course to do just this. With 4-hours of video, transcripts, an eBook, giftbooks for practical application, as well as my own story of suffering that led to my salvation and an introduction to what is on offer on my website, this is the place to start if you are ready to make miracles your own. 

This is the way we shall come together to truly heal the world, by undoing the guilt within our minds, from the misperception we are sinful of separating from Source. As you correct your thinking by the miracle of The Treasure Map you will clean up the world. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. 

Let me teach you how I swapped the nightmare for the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. I have come to guide you Home, to God. To your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. Will you join me? We shall become guides for God and undo the projections of guilt that make the dream dark instead of delightful. God grants special gifts to those that work for Him and not the ego. I can attest to this.

And for those that study A Course in Miracles, it is The Treasure Map that will teach you the true teachings of what Jesus means via revelation and not ego interpretation. 

If you would like to dive into this map to miracles and truly heal, by placing your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God and undoing the choice to be separate instead of the same, then come into True Healing & The Treasure Map

If you are ready to truly heal and learn the way to undo fear to remember love, as well as and a path to peace and happiness, then The Treasure Map is for you. Wait no longer, miracles are calling for you.

I hope to see you on the inside, for it is where we are in truth!

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

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