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The Veil

death miracles truth Nov 13, 2023
The Veil

Last week I had a dream about my dad, who passed the year prior. In this dream I was walking through his house and I moved into the laundry. Quite an important room for me, for my work as a spiritual teacher and Truforgiveness healer is to clean within. Allowing the student to locate the right mind that has been hidden by the grievances of guilt. Yes, I am a spiritual cleaner. And thus, the laundry is significant to the work that I am here to do. For the words my dad would speak to me would refer to the work that I am doing.

To correctly understand the message of your nightly dreams is to uncover the right mind of revelation, from where divine guidance is granted. And this is also what The Treasure Map delivers.

In this dream, as I walked into the laundry my dad stood smiling. I was shocked to see him. "What are you doing here, you are meant to be dead?" I said to him. [Please note my terminology here as it grants a huge clue.... 'You are meant to be dead.' This implies that my dad is not dead.] At this moment, clarity dawned on me. Death - the greatest symbol of separation - was simply an illusion. Another means to punish ourselves for the misperception we were sinful of separating from Source. "Keep going," my dad replied to me.

I was so happy to see him. But somewhere within me I knew that dad had not gone anywhere. Even though the eyes deemed it true. I told him that he needed to be hidden again. For this was the way the world of form worked. We needed to punish ourselves for not being honest to God. And this was another avenue we did so.

My dad was now hidden from my sight, in time, for I was moving through the belief in separation. It was this that I was tasked to truly forgive. Without death I would not know of the shadow to clean up to move back into the right mind, to reclaim the truth of God. Sameness is true, not separateness, for we are being not body.

The world of form is the pain-ground we come to. To seek to be free from the guilt of sin and separation. The misperception we have betrayed God and thus deserve to be punished. 

Your loved one has not left you. Even though death makes it seem so. There is a fine veil where the stand, waiting to be reunited. Knowing that what God created cannot be parted.

This world is an illusion, to the right mind of revelation. A dream you must wake from not be defined by.

If I told you that the true cause we come here for is to find a way to be free from the hidden hate and secret sin so that we can one day return to God in the truth of wholeness and holiness would you believe me? Would it then become clear that we are punished by death, as another means to hurt and harm ourselves so that we can one day return to Him? For this is the true goal of death. To allow ourselves to move through the shadows in the hope we can become holy and at One again.

Your loved one is just behind a thin veil out of your awareness. Talk to them, they can hear you. They see all you do and the love you share cannot ever fade. Nor will the memory of your greatness be forgot.

Who is it that you believe you have lost? Forgive them, not for what you think they have done, but for the misperception you are separate and not the same.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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