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The Ukraine Treasure Map

miracles true healing ukraine Feb 26, 2022
The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness

As I watched in horror over the last few days with what is happening in Ukraine, I knew it was another chance to truly forgive. And I wanted to share this with you as well. I wanted to give you this treasure map so you too could complete this true prayer that dissolves the shadows that seek separation. 

So keep on reading to access your treasure map to become truly helpful, as we assist to undo the shadows of suffering that is attacking Eastern Europe right now.

Hopefully, you know how to draw up your map to miracles, as you mentally dig within the darkness of the subconscious mind to dissolve the guilt of sin that seeks the ways of suffering. If you do not, then head to my store and look for the 'Light Introduction' for these purchases come with a FREE ACIM Mini-Course that will teach you the importance of the right mind and how God teaches to truly forgive via the 5-step process of FAITH.

For those of you that know how to move from the wrong mind to the right, I ask you to spend 15-minutes now to mentally draw up your treasure map, which is how you truly pray to God.

Just allow 30 seconds to mentally move within with each question before you move on to the next in the series. If you do this, you will be truly helpful to All, as we do our best to pray as God teaches.

The War of Ukraine Treasure Map

1. What is happening in Ukraine? I forgive Ukraine for
2. What do you know about the war on Ukraine? I forgive knowing
3. What do you think of Putin? I forgive thinking Putin is
4. Whom do you feel sorry for? I forgive feeling sorry for
5. How do you feel about this attack? I forgive feeling
6. Why is Putin appearing so powerful? I forgive Putin for
7. What has Putin done? I forgive Putin for
8. What is the war about? I forgive the war for being about
9. Do people have more power united or divided? I forgive people for having more power
10. Whom do you need to unite with? I forgive needing to unite with
11. Who or what do you hate? I forgive hating
12. Who or what is broken? I forgive
13. What will you let go of? I forgive myself for letting go of
14. What is the war about? I forgive the war for being about
15. What is happening to Ukraine? I forgive Ukraine for
16. What is the military like? I forgive the military for being
17. What are the people of the military doing? I forgive the people of the military for 
18. What is happening in Ukraine? I forgive
19. Who or what is being destroyed? I forgive
20. What is happening with you? I forgive
21. What do you think of the people, the families, the fighters, etc. of Ukraine? I forgive thinking
22. What do you think about the people, the families, the fighters of Russia? I forgive thinking
23. Whom is the war on? I forgive the war on 
24. What is happening in Moscow? I forgive
25. What is happening in Kyiv? I forgive
26. What will you release? I forgive myself for releasing
27. What are you doing? I forgive myself for
28. What are you rushing to do? I forgive myself for rushing to
29. What do you forgive yourself for? I forgive myself for
30. Who or what do you unite with? I forgive myself for uniting with

We do not need to sit on the sidelines and feel helpless when our brother is being pained and punished. For the next time, something like this happens, it could be our turn. So truly pray to God, by dissolving the entire shadow of separation that is landing upon Ukraine right now. And as we unite to remove the darkness we allow the light of love to protect those in need. 

I ask for 15-minutes of your time now, to complete this true prayer to God that is how we make miracles happen. We forgive within to allow love to extend and we then see where the miracles land.

Finally, I also ask you to truly forgive Putin, for he is calling for love.  And you do not fight fire with fire, unless you are physically in the firing line. You truly forgive him to assist to take him from his wrong mind to his right, so he can remember the truth of his innocence, Perfect Love. That seeks to heal and not harm.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

P.S. Within 24-hours of posting this, the war seems to be on Russia now. Remember, Russia is innocent as well, so please truly forgive them, as we seek kind ways to heal, not cruel ones. We are in this together, and we must unite to undo the ego-mind that seeks sickness, separation, and suffering.


Do you want to stop your pain and suffering and ready to make miracles your own? You see, you must learn to undo the hidden guilt within for it is this that seeks the ways of hurt and harm. The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle is how God taught me to truly heal. To undo the ego-mind to find the right mind that offers the happy dream in time.

Yes, please!