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The Second Coming

a course in miracles knowledge miracles Jun 19, 2022
The Second Coming Revealed

In the workbook of A Course in Miracles (ACIM-W.pll.9), it teaches The Second Coming, and I thought I would dive deep into it and explain what Jesus truly means.

1. Christ’s Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes, and the return of sanity. ²It is a part of the condition that restores the never lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true. ³It is the invitation to God’s Word to take illusion’s place; the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve.

When Jesus forgave he did not do so with the ego-mind but instead, with the right mind by following the FAITH of God, which is The Treasure Map. You see, God has gifted The Treasure Map for a second time now. It was first given to Jesus and was lost in form. She has now arrived back into consciousness and is how you correct mistakes (second coming). For she takes you from the insane mind of ego thinking, which is judgment and attack to the right mind of peace and love, which is where sanity can be found. God's Word can be found in the right mind that know Oneness is true, not separateness. When you see the word forgiveness in the Course, you must interchange it with Truforgiveness, which means to forgive at the cause and not merely the effects of form. To find the power of Perfect Love that is your true identity is to forgive within and withdraw the shadow of separation you place upon a brother. It is your true function to remove the veil of guilt that covers this right mind which offers the happy dream in time. 

2. It is the all-inclusive nature of Christ’s Second Coming that permits it to embrace the world and hold you safe within its gentle advent, which encompasses all living things with you. ²There is no end to the release the Second Coming brings, as God’s creation must be limitless. ³Forgiveness lights the Second Coming’s way, because it shines on everything as one. ⁴And thus is oneness recognized at last.

As I just mentioned, when you see the word forgiveness in the Course, you must interchange it with Truforgiveness, to know that you must withdraw the darkness you see without by purifying your thinking from fear to love. To change your mind from the wrong to the right. This is how miracles are made, and when Truforgiveness has been granted you will swap problems for peace and find the truth of wholeness within that is so complete fear cannot follow. You must simply continue to purify your thinking until only love remain. You must play your part in the Atonement principle and clean up the mess in the subconscious that keeps the awareness of the right mind from being graced by you. Oneness is recognized at the base of the maps you place upon the altar to God, that symbolize you will have no other idols of separation before Him.

3. The Second Coming ends the lessons that the Holy Spirit teaches, making way for the Last Judgment, in which learning ends in one last summary that will extend beyond itself, and reaches up to God. ²The Second Coming is the time in which all minds are given to the hands of Christ, to be returned to spirit in the name of true creation and the Will of God.

The Holy Spirit is The Treasure Map in form, and she guides you along the path of FAITH to undo the belief in separation to know the truth of Oneness hidden within. Here, you put down The Treasure Map, for your lessons with her are complete and you begin to learn via revelation, as you extend the light of Perfect Love without. No longer do you need the 'I Forgive' principle, for you have located the truth of Perfect Love inside. Now you affirm what you love and extend this light outward to illuminate all you come into contact with. It is from here the 'I Am' principle holds true and other beautiful gifts such as being deserving, worthy and good enough are known.

4. The Second Coming is the one event in time which time itself can not affect. ²For every one who ever came to die, or yet will come or who is present now, is equally released from what he made. ³In this equality is Christ restored as one Identity, in which the Sons of God acknowledge that they all are one. ⁴And God the Father smiles upon His Son, His one creation and His only joy.

Christ belongs to the truth of Perfect Love within, where separation is not true. Jesus showed us the way of Truforgiveness, and how he undid the ego-mind to find the right mind and make miracles. As he accessed the truth of wholeness which is our true identity in being and not body-identification.

As you withdraw the shadows of suffering you see in time, you release everyone that fell underneath these shadows. You do not know how far or wide your miracle will land or whose mind you will release. You truly forgive via the gift of FAITH and as you heal, we are all healed. For we wake as One, for this is what we are. As what God creates cannot be parted (spirit). Those who lay their symbols of separation upon the altar to God (the symbol is the ego) become blessed by God. As they extend His light of wholeness into time. Time cannot affect the miracle, but the miracle can positively affect time. For she will decrease the amount of time needed to sit in the shadows of suffering, as she dissolves the darkness that dims the truth of our being Perfect Love.

5. Pray that the Second Coming will be soon, but do not rest with that. ²It needs your eyes and ears and hands and feet. ³It needs your voice. ⁴And most of all it needs your willingness. ⁵Let us rejoice that we can do God’s Will, and join together in its holy light. ⁶Behold, the Son of God is one in us, and we can reach our Father’s Love through Him.

To pray for the Second Coming is to recognize the gift of FAITH that God has now granted. You must recognize what God has given to undo your allegiance to ego thinking to return to the right mind of peace and love that teaches You are the being of Perfect Love, not the body born to die. You must become willing to undo the darkness you see without, that covers the purity of Perfect Love concealed within. When you locate this right mind of peace and love you will extend light and see a forgiven world that is kind and caring, peaceful and pleasing, happy and healing, and safe and secure. For what is written within you is what you see without. You must truly forgive what you see in time (your eyes) and what you hear (your ears) and what you hold onto (your hands) and where you travel to (your feet). Truly forgive everything you say (your mouth) so that you stop speaking from the wrong mind of judgment and attack to speak from the right mind that knows innocence is true, not the guilt of sin. Where sameness (Perfect Love) offers the sanity you seek to have and to be.

The Second Coming is how truly forgive and undo the belief in separation to find the truth of sameness within that knows not of lack, loss, or limitation. It is how you correct the mistaken belief that you are sinful of separating from Source. This is how you purify the darkness within to uncover the light of Perfect Love and illuminate the story in time from suffering to salvation.

Clean within by truly forgiving every barrier that keeps the right mind out of your awareness, and as you heal, we all will heal, as we are united and not divided.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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